Halo: Reach Vehicle Guide: The Exciting New Vehicles in Halo: Reach

Halo: Reach Vehicle Guide: The Exciting New Vehicles in Halo: Reach
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Halo: Reach Vehicle Guide - Introduction

Halo multiplayer has always been distinguished by its varied and supremely balanced complement of vehicles with which to shoot across maps, mow through opponents' ranks, or just blast them into the afterlife, and Halo: Reach is no different. As well as the vehicular stars of previous entries in the franchise being on show, Halo: Reach introduces two new vehicles to the online party: one, a heavy hitting troop transport, the other a sporty little two-seater packing a plasma punch. In this Halo: Reach vehicle guide, we’ll take a close-up look at these two new vehicles for Halo multiplayer: the UNSC Falcon and the Covenant Revenant.

UNSC Falcon

Halo Reach Vehicles - UNSC Falcon


  • Full Designation: UH-144 Falcon
  • Shields: None
  • Propulsion: Dual Turboprops
  • Crew: 3 (1 Pilot, 2 Machine Gunners on either side)
  • Weaponry: Left and Right side-mounted Heavy Machine Guns

The most exciting new Halo: Reach vehicle is undoubtedly the Falcon. A twin-bladed heavy troop transport and fire platform, it’s passenger complement may have been slimmed down from the campaign for the sake of multiplayer balancing, but it still retains that indefinable something that the best Halo vehicles possess. Manning one of its two side-mounted heavy machine guns as you swoop in towards an enemy emplacement imparts that genuinely epic feeling of the best moments in the Halo franchise. When you’ve got two on a map you can basically uplift most of your team and get into the fight quickly. Locking the Falcon’s altitude allows you to hover over heavily defended targets and spray death from above upon them. Of course, this leaves you a sitting duck for ranged explosive and energy weapons, and the gunners are exposed to those with a steady aim.

Like the other new Halo: Reach vehicle, the Revenant, the Falcon is particularly suited to the larger-scale, Big Team Battle and Invasion maps, especially Spire, where it can get you and your squad into the thick of the action around the central Shield generator at the earliest opportunity.

Covenant Revenant

Halo Reach Vehicles - Covenant Revenant


  • Full Designation: Type-48 Light Assault Gun Carriage
  • Shields: None
  • Propulsion: Gravity Drive with Boost
  • Crew: 2 (1 Driver and 1 Passenger)
  • Weaponry: Light Plasma Mortar (Fired by Driver)

The new Revenant vehicle is in essence a cross between the speed and maneuverability of the Covenant Ghost and the armament of the Covenant Wraith. It’s Light Plasma Mortar fires a miniature version of the same projectile as the Wraith, and also bears a close resemblance to the new Concussion Rifle. The driver of the Revenant is able to pump out plasma blasts straight ahead every three seconds or so, and combined with its high turn of speed, the Revenant can be very useful for slicing through groups of enemy players, dispersing and disorienting them for your team-mates to pick off. Like the Ghost, it also packs a boost function, and this combined with its two seater nature makes it highly useful for quickly getting back into the action on larger maps such as Boneyard and in objective and Invasion game modes. However, it is barely armored and can picked off quite easily by a well-timed Rocket Launcher shot or hunted down by the Plasma Launcher.


These two new Halo: Reach vehicle designs iterate on what’s gone on before in Halo multiplayer while filling in notable gaps in the UNSC and Covenant ranks. The Falcon takes the carrying capacity of the Warthog to the skies and allies it with some serious firepower, but hover in one place too long and you can find yourself on the receiving end of a rocket. The Revenant, meanwhile, gives some nip to the hitting power of the Wraith, while allowing two players to cover each other’s backs during excursions deep into enemy territory. Both of the Halo: Reach vehicles are sure to become firm favorites amongst the Halo online community.

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