Halo 3 Skull Locations - Find Every Hidden Skull

Halo 3 Skull Locations - Find Every Hidden Skull
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Halo 3 Skull Locations

Aside from the normal cheats, there are special skulls hidden all through the main campaign in Halo 3, each of which modify the single player game in a unique way. This will do nothing to the multiplayer portion. The skulls are hidden well, some a little too well, so here’s a guide to the Halo 3 skull locations to make your life a little easier. Keep in mind that in order to get the skulls, you need to be playing on the normal difficulty or higher and you need to start each level from the beginning, otherwise the skulls won’t appear.

Halo 3 Skull Locations - Gold Skulls


Iron Skull

You can find the Iron Skull at the tail end of Sierra 117, the very first level. It waits for you behind the building that Johnson is being held in, up on the rooftop. The far right side of the building will give you access to the roof, where you’ll find the skull on the left side, hidden in a corner.

Black Eye Skull

This skull is located in the room you start in on the second level, Crow’s Nest. Head up the higher level in the room, towards the door with the red light, and then turn around. From there, jump onto the racks, onto the red metal light holders, and onto a ventilation pipe from there. The skull should be on that pipe.

Tough Luck Skull

This skull is on the third level. When the Covenant cruiser flies overhead, look to your left. You should see some large piping running parallel to the road. Underneat the pipes are support beams that extend over a cliff. Jump onto them and follow them out. Once you hit the end, look to your left and you should see the skull on a rock.

Catch Skull

This skull is on the fourth level in the first area where you battle the Wraith tanks. Do not destroy them. If they go, the skull goes. Instead, head out to the circular building next to the anti-air tank. The skull is on the roof, which you can get to by either grenade jumping or jumping off of a Warthog.

Fog Skull

Out of all of the Halo 3 Skull Locations, this one is the easiest to find but a little tricky to get. It’s located at the very beginning of the level. As you’re walking away from the destroyed anti-air gun and towards the level, you’ll hear a marine shouting. If you look up, you’ll see a Flood creature hopping across the rooftops. Kill it and it will drop the skull. It takes some quick and deadly aim to hit it. Also, if you shoot it too early or too late, the skull will be stuck on the roof.

Famine Skull

This is another one that’s tricky to get, but I think it’s a great deal more frustrating than the Fog Skull. You can find this one in the sixth level. At the point in the level where the path forks, take the right path. You’ll notice a structure above you. You need to get up onto that structure. There are multiple methods of doing this and all involve either vehicles or grenade jumping. Some people claim that Ghosts and Brute Choppers can drive right up the rocks to the right of the structure. The best advice I can give is toy with it until you get it.

Once you’re up on the structure, head down to the last support beam and look out at the end of it. You should spot the skull. From there, your best bet is to grenade hop over to it.

Skull Locations in Halo 3 - Gold Skulls Continued


Thunderstorm Skull

This skull is on the level The Covenant. After hopping into a Hornet, fly over to the second forcefield generator; the one that the Arbiter disabled. The skull is at the top of the ramp that juts out over the sea.

Tilt Skull

This skull is on the level Cortana. This one is tricky to find. It’s in a circular room full of Flood. Cortana should mention that she “likes to play games, too,” so listen for that line. When you enter the room, look to the left and spot the mushroom-shaped protrusions coming out of the wall. Hop up on these and look up and to the right for some more platforms, and then hop on those. From there, jump to the ceiling of the room, where the skull awaits.

Mythic Skull

I feel like I owe you guys a much-deserved break, so here’s the easiest of the Halo 3 skull locations. This one is located in the very beginning of the final level. Head into the canyon and hug the right wall. Soon you’ll see a path to the right that forks off from the trail. Head down the path and you’ll find the skull.

Skull Locations in Halo 3 - Silver Skulls


Blind Skull

This skull is located in the first level. After your first encounter with a golden Brute, two dropships will appear down to the left. Instead of going that way, go right. You’ll find a rock that sticks out over the water and holds the skull.

Grunt Birthday Party Skull

This sucker is in the second mission, Crow’s Nest, at the pipes where you see all the drones. As you’re about to drop down the pipe, stop, and look directly below you. There’s a very small ledge right beneath you. Make it to this ledge and head back inside the room to find the skull.

Cowbell Skull

This skull is on the level The Ark. It’s a ways into the level. After you defeat the Scarab, grab a grav lift (there are a lot in the area) and head into the building that you’re supposed to go into. After the room full of explosive crates, you’ll come into a room with a ramp leading down. The skull is at the top of this room, on the highest platform above you. You should be able to reach it by throwing a grav lift down on the ramp.


This skull is infamous for taking the internet so long to find. But as everyone knows, the internet can do anything. This skull is in the level The Covenant, in the room with the 7 rings. You must jump through the rings in a very specific order. This might be easier to do after clearing the room of enemies. Counting the first ring as 1 and the last as 7, the order is as follows: 4, 6, 5, 4, 5, 3, 4.

If you mess up, you can restart the sequence without restarting the mission. The skull will be next to the bridge that brings you to the Prophet of Truth.

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