Halo 3 Multiplayer Tips: A Basic Guide to Practicing Without Your Bad Habits

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Well, I bet you’re here either because you want to get some insider tips on the smash hit game, Halo 3, created by Bungie Studios. Or, you’re looking for some new ways to play the game. Such as level guides, techniques, or even practice advice. Either way I’m going to give you a full guide on everything Multiplayer in Halo 3. For starters, I’m assuming you know the basics of the game. For example: Maps, weapons, vehicles, game types, etc. If not than I suggest coming back to this guide when you’ve gotten to know the basics.I will start out with simple tips and reminders and move on to more strategic stuff as the guide goes on.

Part 1: Bad Habits

Now that that’s all cleared up, let’s get to the good stuff. I’d like to start this guide off with a small list of “bad habits” newer players tend to pick up. Getting rid of these habits before anything will be a key to successfully becoming good at Halo 3.Don’t worry, I will explain techniques on how to kick the habits in no time.

The first bad habbit I’d like to discuss is Melee attacks. Meleeing in Halo 3’s multiplayer games is a very powerful attack. But is often abused.Here’s an example of how this attack may be abused in an online match. You and an enemy player eye each other, you start to shoot, and walk towards one another while shooting, you quickly press the melee button in order to kill the enemy without realizing you were too far away to land the hit on your opponent. 9 times out of 10, you will be dead by the time you realize you pressed the melee button too early. So many new players have this bad habit and do not know how to kick it. Well, it’s simple really. Go into a custom match with a few friends, play a couple games of plain old slayer, and practice on timing your melee hits correctly. By doing this, you will know when to press the melee button and successfully damage your opponents. You can also try circling them, or moving from side to side while rushing into them, because if the opponent has more health, you will die no matter what.

Next I’d like to address standing still right out in the open. A bunch of newer players do this, and for what reason? We will never know. But some advice to you guys and gals who do this, it’s not very smart at all. Even if you’re a “good” player, it doesn’t mean you won’t be triple teamed, or that you won’t die. This also sticks if you have a power weapon. It’s just plainly not a good idea. You may get more action this way, but you will definitely not be alive too long. So, with his being said, try to stay off on the sidelines, picking off enemies one by one. Especially if you have a weapon like the Sniper or Spartan laser.

Choosing a weapon you’re not skilled with is another bad habit people tend to pick up. Just because a weapon seems good when watching another person use it, doesn’t mean it will be as good when you use it. For instance, the renown sniper. If you pick up a sniper once or twice and realize you cannot aim it worth crap, next time, don’t go for it. Try to play customs games and practice sniping before you spawn rush it. Most likely grabbing a weapon you’re not skilled with will result in a quick death. Sometimes even humiliating.

Another huge one is not paying attention to your radar. Countless new players fail to see how useful the radar really is and end up wondering why they’re dying out of nowhere. Well, here’s a tip, glance at the radar and try to see if any enemies are around you. If you’re on a 2-story map, the person may not be next you, but he/she may know you’re under him/her and try to come for you. So always keep an eye on that radar, and also try and learn the distance between you and your opponent by using the radar.

This one is actually pretty simple, it has to do with your granades. Always use them. You get 2 at spawn in almost every match, and can pick up more as you go along. Try and get some shields down, or maybe get a kill or two with some plasma granades. Don’t put them to waste and give them to another player by dying. If you’re not good at tossing them, go into custom games and practice your granade throwing. Learn the distances and power of each granade, than take them into social, and later on ranked.

One more bad habit I’d like to add is getting aggrivated when someone kills you or you just aren’t doing to well. This helps nothing and only makes you play worse. This is a proven fact, so watch your moods and attitude. It will help you in-game and out.

Section 2: Basic Tips

This section is all about basic tips to make you an overall better Halo 3 player. If you follow and practice these tips, I’m sure you will be up there with the best of them, one day anyway. So here we go!

One great tip to make you a better player is always look in the direction you think your opponents may appear. What I mean by this is if you’re running forward in an open space, and you feel as if enemies are to your right or left, than turn your character that way and watch while you run. Nothing is worse than getting shot out of nowhere, and by the time you can react you’re already dead.Keep this tip in mind, especially on more open levels. This also goes for running up hills, stairs, and such. Always aim where you think someone may be. Don’t run looking at your feet, or with your aimer point at the ground, play smart and always be alert. This also brings me to having good awareness of the maps you’re playing. Don’t let the enemies sneak up on you, know where you are, and you will be fine. Be Alert!

Make sure you always remember this next tip! Try and memorize where every single weapon is in every single map. It will most likely come naturally over time. This is key in getting the jump in a game. Also! Don’t forget to be prepared. If you have a long ranged weapon, don’t go and grab another long ranged weapon, key instinct should tell you to grab something powerful in short range combat.

If you’re one of those people that think you need to play on sensitivity 10 to be good, you’re more than wrong. Play on what controller sensitivity you feel good with. But remember, the lower the sensitivity, the more accurate you will be, but the slower you can look around.

Here’s one that should help all of you pride junkies. If you’re being shot at and dying, don’t be afraid to run around a corner and toss a few grenades. Most likely they will run into then trying to get to you. That’s an easy kill. Also, if they don’t fall for it, at least your shields will have regenerated.

Strafing, a key element in being good at Halo 3. If you can effectively strafe, they will miss 3/5 shots most of the time. Well, an average player that is. If you have good strafing capabilities, and good aim, you should be able to keep up with he big dogs.

All that talk about strafing, brings me to one of the most versatile and powerful weapons in the game. The battle rifle. A HUGE part in being good at Halo, consists of mastering the Battle rifle. This weapon can kill in 4 shots if aimed right. In order to 4 shot, you need to hit them 3 times any where on their body, and the last shot must be in the head. If the opponent is running to the left or the right, set your aimer slightly in front of them, causing them to follow your shots. If you don’t lead your shot, they likely will hide somewhere before you can kill them. REMEMBER to strafe your butt off with his weapon too, it can be your hero. Also, remember to realod after each kill, not just with the BR, but with any weapon you may let out a bunch of bullets with.

This is another tip that you must follow in able to succeed in TEAM slayer. COMMUNICATE! I cannot stress the importance of communication in a team match. Please, if someone has a sniper, tell your team where they are, if the other team has an OP weapon let them know, or even a vehicle. Any thing that could possible put your team in an advantage, tell them.