Half-Life 2 Walkthrough - Chapter 3: Route Kanal - Undead Fun In The Water

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Third Canal Battle

Shoot the explosive barrels in the truck before they dump them all out. This will kill the two soldiers and detonate them at a good distance. The rest is standard. Run forward and watch the sides and the bridge for combine. Go through the next sewer entrance at the end. There are six man hacks waiting for you here. Just pull out the crowbar and keep hitting them to clear a path. Move on toward the big room and drop down to the floor. Man hacks will start to flood the room from a vent

Shoot any one of the explosive barrels across from you on the platform to set off a chain explosion that will wipe most of them out. If you stick to the opposite side of the room, then you should be safe. Take out the rest with your pistol or your crowbar.

Water Puzzle

You need to go through the sewer pipe below you, but it’s too high off the ground for now. Climb up the ladder and jump off onto the pipe. Follow it along and then crouch to go under the other pipes and get onto the catwalk. Follow it along and then go through to the next area with a bunch of pipes. Don’t bother climbing down the ladder. Step out onto the big pipe across from you.

You need to turn the red valve at the bottom by the slanted pipe. The way to get to it is by landing on the two little horizontal white pipes next to it. Just start going down along the flat pipes until you see them. Turn the value all the way to flood the room. Swim to the top with the rising water and go back to the first room with the man hacks.

The water is now high enough to swim through the grate below the floor. More man hacks are coming, so jump into the water and head for the ladder. Man hacks can’t swim. Swim through the hole and go through the big grate until you come out on the other side of the fence by the valve. Swim to the top and get some air. Then pull out your pistol and shoot the boards below to free a bunch of crates and spools. Climb onto a spool to get to the other side. Just keep pushing and jump and you should be able to do it. Go out the door at back and you’ll find yourself in another tunnel.

Fourth Canal Battle

Get onto the ladder and drop off onto the planks to get into the canal. A man hack comes from each side while two combine run in from the left. Kill them with your pistol or the submachine gun. Walk to the left until you come to the broken ladder. Jump onto the barrel in the sand and get up to the ledge. There should be more man hacks in the tunnel. You should know how to deal with them by now. Go forward and ignore the circular room at first. Go a few steps further and give a barrel to the barnacles. Run under them while they’re distracted and then get the ammo and energy from the supply crates.

Go back out to the central room. Climb up the ladder to the right and then walk along the planks to the other side. Go to the ledge and then get the supplies. Drop down and walk out of the room.

Chemical Waste and Zombies

That clicking noise means you are in a hazardous area. The shiny puddles of chemicals will hurt you. It goes without saying that you should stay out of them. Walk forward and help the resistance soldier kill the headcrabs. They’re shelling the area with special headcrab mortars to zombify the rebels - fun, huh?. Start moving forward to the next area.

Headcrabs aren’t hard to fight if you’re really careful. Pull out the crowbar. Pistols aren’t too effective against them, but a crowbar will score a one-hit kill. Just keep an eye out and listen for the scream that they make when they jump at you. The areas around the mortars are usually hotspots. There isn’t any clear cut way to do it, so just stay alert.

There are two zombies who burst out at you from points along the trail. Be careful, since zombies can throw barrels at you for an improvised ranged attack. Just shoot them in the head a few times. Move forward again and use the planks to stay out of the chemicals. You’ll then see an electrical wire hanging down. Save and run across when it’s away from the plank. Another zombie comes from the left. Kill it. Then go through the electrified container. Pick up the ammo and don’t touch the sides to avoid losing any health. Another mortar lands with head crabs inside, kill them as they jump out of it.

Just a little bit further to go. Use the planks and cross the chemical spill in the water. Another zombie bursts out of the water, but just ignore him at first. Get to solid ground before you fight him. Then just move further to get to the docks and find your new airboat. Take it outside and practice for a minute. When you are ready, go over the jump to get out to the next area. The gate ahead is closed, so swing over to the docks and turn the valve until the gates hits the top and locks. Keep an eye out for a headcrab hiding behind a crate.

Jump back into the boat and go through the gate to start the next chapter.

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