Half-Life 2 Walkthrough - Work Through "Route Kanal - The Railroad"

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The Railroad

Run up the stairs with the pistol out and shoot the combine soldier coming down the stairs. Round the corner and pick off the one just a bit higher up. Run up a bit more until you get outside. You need to get across the railroad tracks, but you just can’t make it yet. Start down to the lower level until you see the train coming. Wait at the top of the rusty steps until it stops. Then run across the tops of the cars to the platform on the other side.

Another two combine should start shooting at you from the side you just left. Just shoot the barrel three times to make it explode and kill both soldiers. Knock down the boards on the house and take cover. A few more soldiers might come out on the other side. Grab the ammo and health pack off of the floor and look into the other room. Blow up the explosive barrels to clear the exit. Step out and keep an eye on the green dumpster. Three more soldiers will take cover behind those red barrels on top of it. Remind them that explosives don’t offer good cover. Open the gate once the explosions stop and go through the fence toward the little walkway.

You will probably come under fire again. If you want, you can just pick off the soldiers from the cover of the steel plates on the wall. It’s not really worth the ammo though. Just keep moving forward on the walkway until you get to the small vent in the big crate. Crawl through the opening and come to the end of the path. You should be able to jump down to the tracks below, and end up on the other side of the blue force field. Keep moving down the tracks, but watch the right. There’s an ambush up ahead.

Fight at the Station

Two soldiers are waiting by the stairs and one of them will roll a flaming barrel at you. If you are fast enough, you can just shoot the barrel after he lets go and it will kill both soldiers and protect yourself. If you aren’t fast enough, just run forward and get clear of the explosion. Go up those stairs while watching the office to the left. There’s one soldier inside the office. Shoot him through the glass or just round the corner. Pick off the last soldier that comes down the steps and then keep moving.

Look for the catwalk ahead and start running across it with a crowbar in hand. A few soldiers might be shooting at you from below, but just ignore them. You’ll only waste time and ammo. Break down the barrier and run through it to the end. Drop down and take cover in the little recess in the wall with the health charger. Break the crates and wait for a moment. There are two groups of three soldiers moving in from both sides. Wait until they get within pistol range, then charge one group and take them out at close range with the pistol. Rinse and repeat, then heal your damage at the charger. Look ahead for the big body of dirty water to the right. Climb out on the catwalk and drop down into the water.

Look ahead to the red train car in the water. Start swimming forward and move through the waters. Climb the ladder on the train car and then drop down the top panel to get into the car. There’s two lookouts for the railroad here. The citizen will open the door and the vortigaunt will give your suit a bit of a boost. It’s time to start riding the underground railroad.

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