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Guild Wars Guide to Titles (Part Four)

by: Sheri Newton ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Want to earn some of the tougher titles in Guild Wars? Read this to find out how to earn the Legendary Vanquisher title, Lucky, Master of the North, and what the maxed title rank is all about.

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    Guild Wars Titles

    The titles in Guild Wars are earned by accomplishing tasks. You can’t be a lazy player to earn these, and most of them will take quite a large amount of time to earn. There are varying ranks to each title, and the highest rank the player as earned will show beneath the player’s name, if they choose to display it.

    The next five titles discussed in this article include: Legendary Vanquisher, Lightbringer, Lucky, Master of the North, and Maxed. Maxed is a very challenging title as you will soon see!

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    Legendary Vanquisher Title

    Guild Wars Paragon in Battle This title is given when you have killed all your enemies in explorable areas in the Hard setting in all three of the campaigns. That means that you will have had to have earned the following three titles before this one is earned.

    • Tyrian Vanquisher – This title is earned after vanquishing all of the foes in 54 areas in the Prophecies campaign.
    • Canthan Vanquisher – This title is earned after vanquishing all of the foes in 33 areas in the Factions campaign.
    • Elonian Vanquisher – This title is earned after vanquishing all of the foes in 34 areas in the Nightfall campaign.

    Once you have earned the three above titles, the “Legendary Vanquisher” title will be earned for your character, and you can display it for all to see.

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    Lightbringer Title

    Collecting the Lightbringer promotional points will net you this title that has 8 ranks. This is a very important title to earn if you plan on doing the elite dungeon in Nightfall.

    Guild Wars DoA Dungeon 

    Lightbringer Ranks:

    • Lightbringer – Rank 1 – 100 points
    • Adept Lightbringer – Rank 2 – 300 points
    • Brave Lightbringer – Rank 3- 1,000 points
    • Mighty Lightbringer – Rank 4 – 2,500 points
    • Vanquishing Lightbringer – Rank 5 – 7,500 points
    • Conquering Lightbringer – Rank 6 – 15,000 points
    • Revered Lightbringer -Rank 7 – 25,000 points
    • Holy Lightbringer – Rank 8 – 50,000 points

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    Lucky Title

    The title is given by winning tickets when you play games of chance. You also can get four points by using four leaf clovers and 250 points for using a lockpick without breaking it.

    Lucky Ranks:

    • Charmed – Rank 1 – 50,000 tickets won and 2% lockpick bonus
    • Lucky – Rank 2 – 100,000 tickets won and a 4% lockpick bonus
    • Favored – Rank 3 – 250,000 tickets won and a 6% lockpick bonus
    • Prosperous – Rank 4 – 500,000 tickets won and a 8% lockpick bonus
    • Golden – Rank 5 – 1,000,000 tickets won and a 10% lockpick bonus
    • Blessed by Fate – Rank 6 – 2,500,000 tickets won and a 12% lockpick bonus

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    Master of the North Title

    This is the title that is given for gaining Master of the North points with quests, dungeons, and map exploration. This is only able to be earned with the Guild Wars: Eye of the North expansion.

    Master of the North ranks are as follows:

    • Adventurer of the North – Rank 1 – 100 master points
    • Pioneer of the North – Rank 2 – 200 master points
    • Veteran of the North – Rank 3 – 350 master points
    • Conqueror of the North – Rank 4 – 550 master points
    • Master of the North – Rank 5 – 750 master points
    • Legendary Master of the North – Rank 6 – 1,000 master points

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    Maxed Title

    This title track has six ranks and is gained through maxing out your other titles. This is the hardest title to max because it requires you to max out a large majority of the other titles, too.

    Guild Wars Hall of Monuments Maxed Title Ranks:

    • Kind of a Big Deal – Rank 1 – 5 Maxed titles
    • People Know Me – Rank 2 – 10 Maxed titles
    • I’m Very Important – Rank 3 – 15 Maxed titles
    • I Have Many Leather-Bound Books – Rank 4 – 20 Maxed titles
    • My Guild Hall Smells of Rich Mahogany – Rank 5 – 25 Maxed titles
    • God Walking Amongst Mere Mortals – Rank 6 – 30 Maxed titles

    As you can see, the Maxed titles are not only interestingly named, but incredibly hard to earn. Having one of these titles will certainly bring you pride in your guild, and respect in the game as well. Working towards this title also helps you with what the Hall of Monuments Rewards gives you for Guild Wars 2.


  • Screenshots and references from Guild Wars.

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