Guild Wars: Frostmaw’s Burrows Dungeon Guide

Frostmaw’s Burrows and Related Quests

Guild Wars is the top free MMORPG game and players everywhere are falling in love with the characters, story, and scenery. With the

Pathfinder Alon Guild Wars

newest expansion Eye of the North: Guild Wars players are offered a chance to enter the world of dungeons and receive new loot Frostmaw’s Burrows is one such dungeon in Guild Wars that has impressive rewards for completing the dungeon or killing bosses. This dungeon consists of 5 levels where the final battle will find you face to face with the boss Frostmaw the Kinslayer. You will also find elementals, dragons, imps, and mandragors lurking about that are levels 20 through 28 with the final boss, Frostmaw the Kinslayer a level 29. There will also be a few level 18 frost worm larvae running around. There are two collectors in Frostmaw’s Burrows; Fropp and Pathfinder Alon. Fropp will exchange 5 Chromatic Scales for a dungeon map or item of your choice. While Pathfinder Alon will give you just about the same items but wants 5 Frozen Wurm Husks in exchange instead.

If you want to progress further than the first level of this dungeon talk to Latham in Jaga Moraine to get the quest Cold Vengeance. He is standing right outside the entrance to the dungeon.

Location and Navigation of Frostmaw’s Burrows

Finding your way to the location of and then navigating through any dungeon in Guild Wars can be a challenge in itself without

Frostmaws Burrow Location Guild Wars

mentioning the bosses, your henchmen not listening, and other problems that can arise. Dungeons are spread out all over Eye of the North in hidden locations that you must discover yourself. There will not be a marker on your map to the location of any dungeon unless you have taken your character to the spot and uncovered it. To reach Frostmaw’s Burrows you will need to leave from Sifhalla and travel north up through Jaga Moraine.

Frostmaws Burrows Map Guild Wars

Follow the inside dungeon map carefully to avoid unnecessary fights and going down the wrong tunnels. Here are maps of the 5 levels inside Frostmaw’s Burrows.

Light of Deldrimor Locations

Almost every dungeon in Eye of the North: Guild Wars has treasures to discover and allies to fight by your character’s side. Frostmaw’s Burrows is no exception. If you carry the Light of Deldrimor skill on your skill bar and use it in the correct locations you will discover a whole new level of making gold in dungeons. Here are the Light of Deldrimor locations inside the Frostmaw’s Burrows dungeon.

Second Floor

  • The first resurrection shrine will have a Hidden Treasure by it.
    Dwarven Ghost Guild Wars
  • The second resurrection shrine will also have a Hidden Treasure by it.
  • The final room on the second floor will have a Hidden Treasure next to the last siege worm.

Third Floor

  • The first cavern you come to will have a Hidden Treasure between the snowball and a frost worm.
  • The room where you find the first powder keg station will give you 3 Hidden Treasures.

Fourth Floor

  • As soon as you enter the fourth level there will be a Hidden Treasure.
  • The end of level 4 will have a room with 3 siege wurms, it also holds 3 Hidden Treasures.

Fifth Floor

  • First room you come to on the fifth floor will have a secret switch which allows you a shorter route to one of the siege wurms.
  • Inside the secret passageway the switch opened up will be a Hidden Treasure.
  • The main room where you fight the final boss, Frostmaw, will have a Hidden Treasure.

Frostmaw’s Burrows Rewards

At the end of the Frostmaw’s Burrows dungeon a chest will spawn that is called the Chest of Burrows. This chest will open one time for each player giving 2 items in hard mode and 1 in normal mode. This specific chest awards:

  • Crafting Materials; Diamond, Sapphire, Ruby, or Onyx Gemstone
    Dungeon reward chest Guild Wars

  • Wind Rider Polymock Piece
  • Gold Item; some exclusive to this dungeon include the Tentacle Scythe, Bonecage Scythe, Silverwing Recurve Box, Demoncrest Spear, Demon Fangs, and Icicle Staff.
  • Unique Item; Axe of the Kinslayer, Staff of the Kinslayer, Sword of the Kinslayer, Heart of the Kinslayer, Maul/Shield/Claws/Scythe/Bow/Spear/Septer of the Kinslayer.

Upon completion of the Frostmaw’s Burrows dungeon your character will also receive 4500 Norn reputation points in hard mode and 3000 in normal mode. These numbers are cut in half for additional dungeon completions with your character. There are two hazards to watch out for in this dungeon; large rolling snowballs and avalanches. Both are consistent and on almost every level.