Beginner's Guide to the Guild Wars Ranger

Beginner's Guide to the Guild Wars Ranger
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What is a Ranger?

The Guild Wars Ranger profession is one of the main or core Guild Wars professions. This means that no matter which campaign you decide to start your character in, you can choose this as your main profession.

Rangers are specialists in archery, attuning to nature, and beast mastery. They have the ability to charm animals as companions (this is also true for those who choose Ranger as a secondary profession).

Ranger Skills and Attributes

Guild Wars Rangers use Expertise, Beast Mastery, Marksmanship, and Wilderness Survival. All of the Ranger skills center around these attributes.


Expertise – this is the Ranger’s primary attribute. For each rank in this attribute, the Energy cost of all your attacks, touch skills, and rituals are decreased by 4%. Skills related to Energy cost and recharge time for skills are more effective the higher rank your Expertise is.

Beast Mastery – this is a must-have attribute for those wishing to travel with a charmable pet. Beast Mastery improves your pet’s attacks and also allows you to help them by healing or dealing more damage.

Marksmanship – this increases the damage a Ranger can do with bows (the Ranger’s weapon of choice). The higher the rank in Marksmanship, the higher your chance to critically hit a foe when using a bow, and also increases the damage inflicted on a foe for skills involving Marksmanship.

Wilderness Survival – this attribute helps many skills that a Ranger uses to become more effective, especially skills involving traps, preparations, defensive stances, and nature rituals.

Which Pets Can a Ranger Charm?

A charmable animal are creatures that may be charmed by a Guild Wars Ranger (either as a main profession, or secondary, playing character or a hero).

To charm one of these animals, you or your hero must have the “Charm Animal” skill on your skill bar. Once you find the animal you want to charm, select it and then use the skill to charm it. It will try to attack you, but as long as you don’t kill it and are able to complete the skill, it will join you as a companion. Once charmed, your new pet will show up on the bottom of the party list.

They are able to be healed by anyone, and raised by you (if they die). They can level up with you to level 20. To change your pet’s name, type /petname ______.

Guild Wars Ranger with Pet

Charmable pets in Guild Wars: Prophecies: Melandru’s Stalker, Strider, Warthog, Wolf, Moa Bird, Black Bear, Snow Wolf, Lynx, and Dune Lizard.

Charmable pets in Guild Wars: Factions: Crane, Tiger, Phoenix, Red Reef Lurker, Blue Reef Lurker, Black Moa, and White Tiger.

Charmable pets in Guild Wars: Nightfall: Crocodile, Flamingo, Warthog, Jahai Rat, Lion, Lioness, and Hyena.

Charmable pets in Guild Wars: Eye of the North: Mountain Eagle, Polar Bear, Rainbow Phoenix, White Moa, White Wolf, Iguana, White Crab, Black Wolf, Raven, Albino Rat, and White Crab. Jingle Bear and White Jingle Moa also available in EoTN during Wintersday celebration.

Charmable pets in all Guild Wars games: Black Widow, Wolf, and Moss Spider.

Ranger Armor and Weaponry

Rangers prefer to use bows for attacking foes. They are available in different styles and classes. The classes available for the bow include: Flatbow, Hornbow, Longbow, Recurve Bow, and Shortbow.

Guild Wars Ranger Hall of Monuments Armor

Rangers have armor available from all of the Guild Wars campaigns and expansion area. Elite or Prestige armor is able to be added to a character’s Hall of Monuments.

Guild Wars: Prophecies Ranger armor:

  • Non-prestige: Rawhide, Krytan (collector), Tyrian/Leather, Fur-Lined, Drakescale, Druid, and Studded Leather.
  • Elite Armors: Elite Fur-Lined, Elite Drakescale, Elite Druid, and Elite Studded Leather.

Guild Wars: Factions Ranger armor:

  • Non-prestige: Shing Jea, Ascalon, Krytan, Tyrian, Canthan, Kurzick, and Luxon.
  • Elite Armors: Elite Canthan, Elite Kurzick, and Elite Luxon.

Guild Wars: Nightfall Ranger armor:

  • Non-prestige: Istani and Sunspear.
  • Elite Armors: Elite Sunspear, Vabbian, Ancient, and Primeval.

Guild Wars: Eye of the North Ranger armor:

  • Elite Armors: Norn, Monument, and Asuran. Deldrimor pieces are available, but not able to be added to a Hall of Monuments.

Guild Wars Core Ranger armor:

  • Elite Armor: Obsidian (only available from completing quests in the Fissure of Woe elite mission).