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Do Not Fear: F.E.A.R. 2 Walkthrough – Interval 04 – Devastation – Ruins

by: theinkandpen (Robert Mullon) ; edited by: Eric Stallsworth ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

After agent Beckett has made it out of the Harbinger facility, the mysterious Snake-fist unveils a larger plan to destroy Alma, the powerful psychic who can’t be contained after all. It only took 6 acts to realise this, but onwards and upwards as they say.

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    Interval 04 – Ruins

    You’ll begin the chapter still rising on the elevator to eventually get to a storage room leading to the outside world. Beckett finally gets to breathe some fresh air (as fresh as it gets around here anyway) but as Genvieve Aristide’s plans are uncovered by Snake-fist, we find that this is by no means over. The first objective you’ll be assigned is to ‘Reach the rally point near the stadium’.

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    1. The Outside

    The first thing you might like to know is that this area is safe. Apart from an inept pilot who took lessons from Launchpad McQuack (you’ll see a plane on fire through a glass roof) and odd noises, nothing can get at you in here. Jump onto the floor once the lift stops, turn right and move forward onto a flight of steps. Follow the path and take the ladder going up. Another flight of steps will take you up to a higher floor where you can turn left and take the red exit door; turn right and move along the platform corridor. Take the door into the small office, and jump through the shattered windows; you can’t go through the door because it’s blocked by a filing cabinet, but you can go through the windows here. Take the stairs down, and go through a door on the left hand side.

    FEAR 2 Walkthrough: The Alley You’re now outside: welcome to Interval 04. You need to turn left since you can’t go any other way. Move around the debris to eventually end up onto what once was a street. Keep going until you find an intersection and a door to your left. Inside you’ll need to jump a barrier and shoot a padlock, but the way out is pretty intuitive.

    Once you are out, you’ll meet up with some other strange characters. As if the abominations weren’t enough, you now have mutated businessmen who are out to get you; these ‘things’ are called remnants. They take quite a few hits, so make sure you use a shotgun or similar weapon. The trick here is to not let them get too close, since as long as you do that they aren’t dangerous and are as vulnerable as anything else. If you see one, just shoot and ignore their jedi mind tricks. Fortunately, you won’t see many of these.

    FEAR 2 Walkthrough: The Remnant 

    You’ll need to go left then left again, into the dilapidated building. You should see an exit blocked by a desk, which you can move with your action button. Squeeze into the small space and pick up the medi-kit. Now the shutter you just came from is closed, so you need to head through the only door; you will meet another type of enemy called an assassin. You need to quickly aim and shoot, since these guys appear out of nowhere. The assassin is a bit like a ninja and extremely difficult to handle.

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    2. More Replica Soldiers

    Head left and through the other door, then head right and follow the corridor. Watch out for more ghouls on the way. Go upstairs, ignore the blown off wall, and keep going up until you come to two doors; take the one on your right. Take another door on the left, and as you enter you should see a ventilation shaft open; go through it. You’ll end up in another office, head left and you’re back outside. Drop down and turn left. FEAR 2 Walkthrough: Open shaft Turn right and follow the downed plane, it looks like the guy couldn’t land after all. You’ll see an enemy with a flame-thrower so be careful. There are more replicas scattered about here, so get ready for combat. You can head left for a medi-kit and some armor plates, but to move onwards you must enter the building on the right of the broken down bus.

    FEAR 2 Walkthrough: The bus and where to go 

    In the building, head right and ahead until you see a flight of stairs on the left. Head up, and be ready for more soldiers. Once this way is clear, there are more soldiers in the building on the left, so use the rifle with a scope. Another thing to note is that one guy in this building has a rocket launcher (which you’ll pick up); if you see a green-beam run for cover or you’ll get taken apart. You need to turn left anyway once it’s allclear and jump onto the plane to head onto the other building.The downed plane 

    Jump onto the open wall and head towards another open wall, and then jump through a hole. Take out the generator in this room, or you’ll get electrocuted jumping into the water. Head through the door, pick up some armor and turn left; there is a soldier if you look through the open wall whom you can take out. Jump through the hole and get ready for a big fight.

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    3. The Elite Powered Armor Unit

    As you first drop down, there is a soldier on the upper floor of a building across, who you can take out with a scope rifle. There will possibly be some more soldiers attacking you at this point, so keep an eye out. Use your missile launcher to take Robocop out. Once your done, head down the street to the left to end the level. There will be more soldiers along the way.

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