FEAR 2: Walkthrough Of Interval 03 - Recognition

FEAR 2: Walkthrough Of Interval 03 - Recognition
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Interval 03 – Recognition

Again, the aim here is to get out of the facility before everything blows up since explosives have been set for this floor as well. Remember, the baddies’ plan is to gather or destroy potential incriminating evidence which will get Armicham in trouble, hence why you have to get out of here quickly.

1. The Outer-Shell

As you get out of the lift head left then left again, so you’ll find yourself at the back of it. There will be lots of ops on this level so make sure you have some grenades or use your slow-motion when you can. After having taken out all the bad guys head for the room ahead with stairs, but pick up armor and a frag-grenade on the crate before-hand. Up-stairs is a medi-kit but you need to go down the yellow ladder on the right, as you first enter the room. Once descended, move through the metal corridor until you see a flight of stairs to your right; you need to take the stairs all the way down and watch out for ops and burst-pipes as you go down. Be careful of the fire and some guys shooting at you about half-way down (although they’ll be far away from you).

You’ll eventually come to a cave-like section; head right then left, where there are more soldiers taking cover behind crates and such. Most of this section of the game is in fact traditional first-person shooter stuff, where you’ll have lots of shooting and healing to do.

2. The Tunnels

Move through the tunnels until you get to some yellow-stairs; there will be more ops here too. Go up and turn left, then head down to the ladder (there is armor on what looks like an oil-drum) and down again a second ladder, then right to another section. You can hide behind the steel pillars if you get shot at, which is likely. Go straight ahead until you get to an automatic steel-door. Go inside then head right and straight ahead; before that though you will need to take out a few ops standing on a steel platform and behind a fence (to your left as you move ahead). Go inside the room straight ahead (there is a weapon and a reflex-injector if you need one) and go up the yellow ladder. Move through the steel-platform corridor and go down the other ladder; you will end up on the other side of the steel fence. Move through the tunnel (there are some tire-marks you can follow) until some pipes collapse; don’t worry though you can still move through by going up and squeezing through the small space. You’ll land in another section of the tunnels.

Tunnel section

Before moving ahead you should know that an op with a flame-thrower will jump out of an armoured vehicle, which you should be careful about if you don’t want to be barbequed. After you take him out watch out for more ops on various raised platform ahead; use a sniper rifle or something with a scope if you can. Keep moving towards the platform with yellow barriers and you should see a ladder, then a second eventually leading to the top. Move forward where there will be more baddies. You should see a shutter closing ahead of you; move right and you can pick up a medi-kit if you keep going along the platform. There is a hatch hidden by a steel support-frame which you’ll need to go down to.

3. The Gas Leak

Go right and keep going ahead, as both doors seem to be shut for now. Pick up some armor near a crate and you head up a staircase nearby and through a door; at this point the objective to ‘Get above-ground before the facility is destroyed’ is added. As you go through the door Vanek greets in his usual friendly way, but forget it for now and move ahead and climb down the ladder. It’s wise to take cover as quite a few guys will be going for you.

After the way is clear move across another section of tunnels, there are some steps leading down. Move ahead, still getting ready for more ops coming at you, and as you reach an intersection turn right. You’ll now need to shut off the gas supply since everything is blowing-off.

FEAR 2 Walkthrouhg: Gas Valve

Move further ahead and turn right into another section, you can pick up armor on some kind of LD cable-roll. Take out everyone here and there are lots of items for you to pick up, such as frag-grenades on crates, weapons and a reflex-injector. Now head back the way you came and the gas-valve is on your right as you head-out. It isn’t recommended you do this before the way is clear of ops. Keep your action button pressed and you’ll shut it off.

Now move all the way down to corridor you’ve come from (take cover for more shooting), until you see a ladder which you’ll climb. On the platform turn left, go through a door and left again onto the stairs.

As you go into the room everything will blow up, try and move around and make your way out; this will prove futile since the whole place collapses and marks the end of the chapter.

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