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Do Not Fear: F.E.A.R. 2 Walkthrough – Interval 02 – Discovery

by: theinkandpen (Robert Mullon) ; edited by: J. F. Amprimoz ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

The third part of the F.E.A.R. 2 Walkthtrough, which looks at how begin making your way out of the hospital, or the Discovery chapter.

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    Interval 02 – Discovery

    You will notice, as soon as you step out once the level is loaded, that Vanek’s ops have the intention of blowing-up the whole complex. So the aim, essentially, is for you to make an escape from the hospital. It won’t happen in this chapter but in the next.

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    1. Lower Floor

    The first thing you need to know is that your enemies will be equipped with flame-throwers, so the important thing here is to move through the chapter rather quickly. You will start the chapter in the reception area again; notice the blue containers in the open-space, which will help you when there are lots of black-ops. Aim at those and fire since they are explosive.

    Hide behind one of the pillars and get ready for quite a few baddies to appear and start shooting; you can use your slow-motion ability if you like. After it’s clear go up the stairs, carefully since there will be more soldiers, and head for the lift; you need to go all the way around in order to get to it. You can explore an office nearby if you like or look around for more weapons on tables and such in the area. Take the elevator, although the mysterious ‘Snake-fist’ (remember this guy?) will start advising you that you need to get out if you don’t want to end up pot-roast.

    Outside the lift turn right and go straight-ahead until you come to an office on fire. From here onwards it gets tricky so make sure you have a good weapon at hand and use your slow-motion when you can. If you need a medi-kit, there is an office called ‘Admitting’ on your right which has one on a shelf. Head to the ‘Nurse’ office (which is the one you first spotted) and go to the small office on your right as you enter; there is an open ventilation-shaft which you’ll crawl into. Move until you can’t go any further (ignore the first exit) and get ready.

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    The burning section of the hospitalThe Ventilation shaft
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    2. ‘This Place Ain’t Right’: Welcome To Hell.

    As you exit the whole place is on fire and you’ll encounter ops with flame-throwers: hence, it is important to move or act quickly. Use heavy guns such as a shotgun. Take out the op that is amongst the flames and move right. Pick up any goodies and begin moving through the burning offices.

    You’ll see Alma again eventually, and you’ll come to doors and double-doors blocked by stacked up furniture. It is pretty intuitive moving through the offices, you can hardly get lost as there is only one way you can go. Move through until you come to a corridor with a glass roof, where you will see strange occurrences as you look at the sky (basically, she’s at it again). Head for the stairs and out the door. You’ll notice you’re heading back down again.

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    3. Abominations

    Keep moving through the corridors, you can only go one way since most of the exits are blocked. You’ll see all sorts of horrors, like decapitated soldiers and runes written in blood; eventually you’ll encounter similar monsters as the ‘nightmares’ in the first game. Move through the surgery room (marked recovery) until you come up to the washing room: it seems like a soldier’s head is up for the rinse-cycle. Head left and move through this floor, you’ll encounter more ops and you should be familiar with this floor since you have already been on it.

    After taking out a number of soldiers, some of them already injured, head towards a pillar with a marked ‘X’ (there is a medi-kit through the double-door). Now you’ll see a trail of blood which you will need to follow; as you come to a double-door turn right to the staff-only room where more massacres have taken place. Keep moving ahead and go through a small door. Move ahead still, you’ll see a soldier getting ripped apart by one of the creatures. Further ahead you’ll see more trails of blood and you’ll come to more stairs; take the staircase down, head left and left again through the double-door. Take out more ops and move through the corridor, then turn left and head for what is marked as the exit of the complex; now turn left again through the door, head for the lift and activate it.

    Now you’ll come to some kind of operating theatre, or at least what remains of it. A video-sequence will play: wait until it’s over and you’ll meet some of those ‘nightmare’ creatures. I suggest you use slow-motion to kill them off as they are quite quick; not necessarily tough but move at great speeds and will try to knock you down.

    Head out of the room once you’re ok, and you’ll see your buddy Jankoswki being taken apart. Unfortunately there is little to do here, look for a vent and end this chapter

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    Other key areas

    The washing machine areaThe blood trail you'll follow

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