FEAR 2: Walkthrough of Interval 01 - Premonition - Awakening

FEAR 2: Walkthrough of Interval 01 - Premonition - Awakening
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You might have played the original F.E.A.R. game, where Paxton Fettel, Alma and the ‘point man’ were important to the main development of the story (without giving too much away). Alma and Armacham Corp. still play a crucial part in the sequel, as we will discover by reading onwards. Get your trigger-finger ready and read on.

Interval 01 – Premonition

You will begin the game amongst burning ruins, where Alma appears and causes you to faint. Your character (Michael Becket) will then come to his senses; go forward and jump straight into the volcano-hole ahead of you.

Eventually you’ll end-up in an armoured car and be briefed about your mission.

1. Getting into ‘Valkyrie Tower’

Wait for the car to stop the second-time, get out and go into ‘Valkyrie Tower’ by the front; the doors are obstructed, you’ll have to try something else. Go inside “Boomer’s coffee place” (right) and go inside the room with stairs. Try climbing the stairs: no luck, a locked gate. Jump over the railing where you will see two doors. Forget the one with the steel grating, it’s locked, and go through the only open door.

You are now into a storage-closet. It’s dark so press F for the flashlight. Move up to the door marked ‘EXIT’; and you are inside the Tower.

2. The top floor

So you are now inside the lobby, where Keira fixes the hijacked elevator. Cut-scene and then you take the lift all the way to the top floors. A soldier is straight outside the lift, which you can take out with a submachine gun.

Step down from the raised floor on the stairs on your right, watch for another goon right near the door, then head through it. You’re now into an open space: you will have guys coming at you. Remember to crouch when the heat gets too intense (check your key layout).

Keira will open a security-shutter. Go straight ahead (you‘ll see the janitor who was mentioned at the beginning) left, then straight ahead again, onto the panoramic glass corridor. Press ALT to sprint or the allied-helicopter will shoot you accidentally. Keep going up to the double doors; go through, then right up to the sitting room; turn right and go through the small door leading to an intersection with some stacked-up boxes; don’t miss the medi-kit. Now you’ll see a door marked ‘Exit’; get ready as there will be quite a few guys in the exhibition-room.

Take the sub-machine gun sitting near a crate (E, depending on key-layout) and get ready for baddies; make sure there are no more before you proceed.

Go through a corridor, then another exit door. There should be two frag-granades as you exit, near the small-stairs leading up to the cafeteria-area. Pick these up and get ready for another round in the cafeteria. Afterwards, head for the kitchen area (exit door where the metal-shutters are). After more fighting, keep moving forward until you find a window (near another exit-door); a soldier will appear on top of a roof, take him out with your scope. You need to break the window and jump onto the balcony, and then jump onto a ledge in order to get to the ventilation shaft. Crouch and head straight and you’ll eventually get to a pool room; jump-in and watch the cut-scene.

Key areas

Pick up the machine gun

Jump onto the balcony

3. Master-Bedroom crunch-time

Now we’ll look at how to gain access to the master bedroom and finally to Aristide herself, the wretched being. Be prepared for some Wade induced hallucinations and manic pyrokinesis by the baby-grand piano, right at the end. Bring your sunglasses for this one.

After the pool-room cut-scene you can head through the door, as Genevieve tells you. Alma’s apparition will guide you, as a new objective becomes available (find the hidden door).

Head for the door straight ahead, then through the corridor, and get ready to shoot. You can use the wall or pillars as a shield; head for the staircase afterwards (one more guy up is up there). There are some health packs in the middle of the room.

Find the bedroom and head straight for the box on the shelves: it will open a secret space. Go inside, head right, then down the steel-steps and the door will open; listen to the dialogue.

Now general psychic meltdown ensues; Aristide disintegrates and I suggest you get out of there quickly, although there’s not much can stop the pesky psychic. Head out the same way you came from, into the sitting-room with the baby-grand piano, and enjoy the final sequence for this act.


Alma points you to the secret door

..and women are trouble as we know…

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