F1 2010 PS3 Racing Guide

F1 2010 PS3 Racing Guide
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F1 2010 PS3 Racing Guide

When Codemasters released the F1 2010 there was a clamouring of support for the British developer and its usage of the Formula One license. With the dust now settled, this article will try to broach some tips & strategies that can be employed for the PS3 version of the game, ergo this is a F1 2010 PS3 racing guide for both offline play. Focusing on the online portion of the game would perhaps be too expansive, hence an overall analysis of the time-trial, grand prix & career modes will be found in this F1 2010 PS3 guide.

Firstly, irrespective of race or what mode you play, the importance of car setups cannot be stressed enough. In F1 2010, the correct car setup can take off seconds on your overall time, by making it easier to handle or quicker on specific tracks. This is imperative in both career & time-trial modes if you want to set competitive times. Furthermore, during online races (not of the sprint variety), players will benefit from a well made car setup for both wet and dry weather types.

F1 2010 PS3 Guide To Being Competitive

The bulk of play in F1 2010 is going to revolve around either the offline career mode or a sprinkling of the quicker, 3 lap online sprint mode. For the career mode, it is best to understand how the car works in comparison to the default performance you are used to from the other game modes. Cars during the career handle differently for several reasons but the main one is on team choice and the 2010 season representation of how good or bad each team is. Ergo, driving in a Lotus will indelibly be more difficult or cumbersome than attacking the grid with a McLaren.

On top of this, the R&D (click here for a guide) of each team is chartered throughout the season and has an impact on new improvements that can effect the handling or fidelity of the car. Therefore to correctly position yourself into a worthwhile position in career mode, an effective car setup, a stack of R&D improvements and some prior track experience is vital. The aforementioned online sprint mode will give you a quick introduction into F1 2010 and provide initial practice for each of the tracks – although the mode has more of an arcade feel.

F1 2010 PS3 Racing Guide Pointers & Tips

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As far as race strategies go – pertaining to a F1 2010 PS3 racing guide – there are a couple of simple yet effective things you can do to maximise your time or rankings. Firstly, learning each track either online or in the time-trial mode will help you to familiarise yourself with the layout, giving a mental projection of the track before you’re driving on it. If that doesn’t take, using the practice session – not only to upgrade your car through the use of R&D – but to learn the braking points et al for each track is must, especially before the all important art of qualifying.

When race day comes – against the AI – going into the first corner aggressively will invariably jump you up a couple of places from your starting grid position. The earlier into the race you are, the more likely you can catch & overtake your foes. Also, as an important aside, picking the right time to pit is crucial to maintaining a decent position when re-entering the race. As a 20% length or above race will require a pitstop, this skill is necessary, especially considering the game breaking propensity to make you sit & wait for each car to leave the pit lane before you.