An Eve Online Pilot's Guide to the Amarr Apocalypse

An Eve Online Pilot's Guide to the Amarr Apocalypse
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Amarr Apocalypse Now

“I love the smell of super heated plasm in the morning. It smells like, well, super heated plasma.” – Paranoia 5th Edition Book, West End Games.

The Amarr Apocalypse and the Gallente Megathron vie for the position of the top battleship in Eve Online. The drones of the Gallente faction give the Megathron the edge in the view of some players, while other players prefer the long range, fast firing lasers available on the Apocalypse.

The Apocalypse can be fitted with both long and short range weaponry, but it is designed to be used primarily for tanking purposes. This battleship has shields equal to those of the other faction’s battleship and far more armor than some of its competitors. This is partly to make up for the fact that the Amarr navy’s standard fit for the machine favors rapid firing, long range lasers and a lot of armor.

Brawling or Sniping Fits

A Gallente battleship drawing

The Apocalypse battleship is suited to either role in Eve Online, the brawling fits tend to favor eight short range, high damage weapons on the high points on the ship, although this is not the standard configuration. The engines that come as standard equipment on this battleship are almost as fast as those that come with the Minmatar Typhoon. Which fit a pilot uses depends more on his preference of play style rather than one style being more effective than the other.

The special ability of the Amarr Apocalypse, which is additional range on laser weapons, makes it seem like the ideal fit for a sniper ship that can obliterate targets from a distance. Fitting the ship with missile weapons can be just as effective, although it will reduce the ship’s firing range.

Other Considerations when

While it is a good idea to upgrade the armor and shields on all battleships, the Apocalypse pilot should do whatever it takes to max out his shields whether he plans to use this ship to snipe targets from afar or to use it in close up combat is to upgrade its armor. The Apocalypse has more armor than most other ships in the game, and it capable of surviving a hit from a Doomsday weapon and still having quite a few hit points left over when this ship is fitted properly.

Skills Needed by the Amarr Apocalypse Pilot

Amarr Battleship photoshopped to be on a pillow

The Amarr Empire has been at war or enslaved virtually every other player faction in the worlds of New Eden , and an Amarri pilot does not have as many options when it comes to learning other factions as other players might, but before a player can pilot this battleship, he must learn the Amarr battleship V skill. Additional skills are Amarr lasers, missiles, shield management, and if the player can manage it,he should learn Gallente Drone specialization.

PvE or PvP : Does It Really Matter?

Side view of the Amarr Apocalypse

Most pilots of the Empire will wish to bring the light of the emperor to the backwards people of the other worlds factions. Military defeats have only kept Amarr diplomats from expressing this opinion, and when the universe is even more dangerous for pilots representing the Empire than it is for pilots of other nations, you put as much armor on your ships as you can. The Amarr Apocalypse excels both in PvE and PvP situations because of this design philosophy.

The trip truly excels, however, when running storyline and other faction missions. It may not be the king of PvE, a title given to the Caldari Raven, but the Amarr Apocalypse may not always be the ship capable of doing the most damage during a weapons volley, but its staying power should more than make up for this. In fact, in the opinion of this blogger, the only real weakness of this ship is that it does not allow much space for jamming technology and other electronic countermeasures. And if you have the money, you may consider fitting the middle and lower slots with pieces of technology that extend the range of the lasers of an Apocalpyse battleship that has been fitted for PvE. Any fit with decent weaponry will keep the citizens of the empire safe from harm and let the empire retain its independence.