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Doom 3 Walkthrough - Caverns 1 Walkthrough: Doom 3 Level 25

by: Simon Hill ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

A complete walkthrough of level 25 of Doom 3 set in the caverns. This will show you how to fight your way through and make it to the end.

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    Base 1 Materials Transfer

    Grab the pick ups in front of the lift the take the stairs up watching out for trites behind you. There’s an imp at the top, follow the walkway round and kill two wraiths then go through two doors and kill the imp that spawns.

    Grab the pick ups and use the medical station, then go through the next door. There’s a BFG cell under the desk; kill the two wraiths that spawn in and take the next door.

    Kill the chaingun commando and then the four wraiths that spawn in, head through the door to your left and straight through the next one.

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    Containment Monitoring

    An archvile will spawn in as you advance, then an imp and maggot to your right. Grab the medkit off the desk to your left and go down the stairs.

    Turn right up the stairs to kill two chaingun commandos on your right then loop back round and go through the next door. Kill the trites and the imp and use the medical station to your left.

    Take the door on the left and go to the top right corner, hit the control panel and lower the ladder then climb it. Kill two cacodemons and then jump across to the booth and hit the control panel inside to unlock the cargo lift controls.

    Head through the door at the back, grab the BFG and other ammo on the right then go back the way you came and call the service lift.

    Kill the hellknight and imps that spawn in while you wait then take the lift down into the depths.

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    Sub Chamber 2

    Kill the chaingun commando at the bottom and make your way across the broken metal. An archvile will spawn in above you and then a couple of imps ahead and two cacodemons. Grab the medkit on the right and then hit the control panel on the left to lower the service ladder. Climb it and kill the wraith at the top.

    Check behind the box on your left for ammo then go through the door and kill the wraith and imp on your left. Use the medical station on your left and get onto the lift hitting the control panel to take it up. Kill the two imps that spawn in and then the trite and go through the right door. Kill two cacodemons, go round to the right, climb the ladder and go through the door at the top.

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    Thermal Regulation Pump

    There’s an imp behind the door and some ammo to the left, take the ladder on the right down. Climb down two more ladders and then jump from platform to platform to make your down to the walkway where there’s another ladder to descend.

    When you reach the bottom grab the pick ups on the right then jump over the pipe to the left. Grab the pick ups and crouch and crawl to your right.

    Talk to scientist J. Katayama and grab the keycard on the desk next to him. Jump back over the pipe and use the control panel to extend the ladder then climb all the way up and climb the next three ladders as well.

    Kill five cacodemons through the door at the top and take the ladder down then enter the door.

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    Environmental Monitoring

    Kill the wraith on your right and hit the control panel to go through the door on your right. Watch out for trites when it opens, grab Robert Cody’s PDA off the desk and head through the next door.

    Kill some imps and wraiths as you cross the walkway, go through the door and wait for the debris to settle before running across. Watch out for the wraith that jumps down, and avoid holes in the floor.

    There are some pick ups at the end then turn right and kill an imp and three chaingun commandos. Hit the control panel on the right to open the door.

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    B2 Material Transfer

    Kill an imp up ahead and grab the ammo on the crates. Shoot the chaingun commandos and cacodemons to your left and climb the ladder.

    Use the control panel to swing the boxes round to the right and then climb up the ladder and get on top of the crane, walk along the arm and drop onto the boxes then jump down onto the red pipes below. Kill an imp and a cacodemon and grab pick ups from the pipes.

    Enter the room and kill another imp, go through the door and follow the corridor round, and use the control panel to open the security doors. You’ll find yourself surrounded by imps, wraiths and chaingun commandos - just keep moving and kill them all then hit the next control panel to call the lift.

    When the lift arrives there’s a hellknight onboard so be prepared.

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    Materials Handling

    When you get to the bottom look for a medkit behind the crates to the left and then use the barrels to take out an archvile and an imp. Proceed and kill a wraith then an imp on your left.

    Grab the armor shards and go through the next door. There’s a chaingun commando across the broken bridge and three cacodemons will spawn in. When they are all dead walk across the bridge and up the stairs to go through the next door.

    Grab pick ups left and right and then use the control panel to enter the lift. Hit the control panel inside to complete this level.

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