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Walkthrough Doom 3 - Caverns 2/Primary Excavation Walkthrough: The Final Level of Doom 3

by: Simon Hill ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

How to complete the game Doom 3 with the final levels in Caverns 2 and grand finale in Primary Excavation.

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    Sub Station 3

    Grab the medkits on your left as you exit the lift then kill the archvile that spawns in and the two hellknights.

    Go through the right door and down the stairs watching out for falling debris along the way. Use the barrels to help you take out the wraiths that spawn in and grab the pick ups on the right.

    Head down the slope and grab the keycard and the pick ups then kill the imps and wraiths that spawn in. Go back to the lift and use the keycard the access the other door. grab the pick ups and use the medical station, then return to the main excavation.

    Go back down the slope and enter the structure killing an archvile and two imps. follow the corridor past some falling blocks.

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    Levitation Site

    Kill the wraiths and imps that spawn in and grab the video disk and the ammo on your right. Go through the next corridor and kill a hellknight and some trites. Also kill the imps above and another hellknight that spawns in.

    Head through to the Gallery and kill two vagaries and some trites and then grab the medkit to the right of the stairs and climb up them. Go through the door at the top and grab the pick ups. Use the control panel on the left to turn on the lights and get onto the lift hitting the control panel to exit the level.

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    Primary Excavation

    When the lift stops grab everything in the chamber and head through, take a left and go down the stairs.

    As you enter the Chamber of the Hero, grab the medkits on your left and the pick ups behind the sarcophagus. As you approach, the wall will peel away; head through the hole and along the corridor.

    The wall at the end will open and then the whole room will descend. Exit through the opening in the wall and follow the corridor round and down until you reach a block with the id logo on it - it will slide back and open a door behind to your left.

    Carefully enter and grab the PDA in front of you on the altar. Go back out and head right and a cut scene will trigger.

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    This is the final showdown against the gargantuan cyber-demon. This final arena is ring shaped so be careful not to fall off the sides or into the middle. Kill the various imps and maggots that spawn to charge up the soul cube because that’s the only thing you can use to hurt the cyber-demon.

    Keep running round being careful to avoid the rockets that the cyber-demon fires and every time the soul cube is ready, fire it at him. Hit the cyber-demon four times with the soul cube and he’ll keel over triggering the final cut scene.

    Congratulations you have completed Doom 3! Now chill out and try not to have nightmares.

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