Full Walkthrough for Doom 3 – Walkthrough of Level 24 of Doom 3

Site 3 Entrance Hall

There’s a medical station to your left as you exit the lift, kill the hellknight straight ahead then a wraith behind you and an imp ahead.

Take the left door and kill an imp behind you and two cacodemons – use the barrels to help then kill the hellknight.

Go round to the right for some pick ups and medical station then go back and through the door marked garage and through the next door as well.

Freight Cart Terminal

Kill a cacodemon to your right then a wraith, maggot, imp and finally a hellknight. Use the medical station and then take the door on the right.

Go up the stairs and kill the archvile that spawns in before taking out the imps, grab the pick ups by the candles and then go through the door marked lab. There’s a maggot and a revenant waiting to your right and an imp behind you.

Use the medical station on your left and then go up the stairs. There’s a wraith behind the next door, take the ladder on the left down, kill some imps and a maggot and grab Richard Davis’s PDA from the ground in front of the large screen and some pick ups from the shelves on your right.

There’s a revenant and an imp ahead and a maggot will spawn in behind you, take the left fork and kill another imp, grab armor and a medkit from the dark spot at the end then climb the ladder, follow the passage round and drop down.

Artifact Research

As you approach the pentagram on the floor a hellknight and two maggots spawn in. Go through the next door to meet scientist, P. Rogers and chat to him. Grab his PDA from the desk on the right and the video disk straight ahead and then use the medical station.

As you come back out a couple of maggots will spawn in followed by an imp further on. Go to the door in the top right and use the control panel to open it. Head up the stairs and turn right taking out the revenant round to the left.

Use the control panel to open the next door. Kill the imp straight across and the revenant behind him then another imp behind you. Use the medical station and then the control panel to go through the next door.

the imp up on your left then take the lift up.

Maintenance 2

There will be a wraith and a maggot waiting, proceed through the next door.

Go through the fleshy tunnel and kill a revenant on your left, then an imp on your right. Grab the pick ups behind the revenant and then turn and go up the stairs. There are two cacodemons at the ,then an imp through the next door – grab armor and pick ups from the shelving on the left then go through the next door, down the ladder and use the control panel to unlock the freight loader.

Go back up the ladder and retrace your steps. When you come through the door on the left, back to where the fire is, two cacodemons will spawn – one ahead and one behind. When you come down the stairs the floor falls away and you can jump down where you’ll find a ladder leading down.

Kill a maggot and a wraith at the bottom and an imp behind you, grab the medkit to your right and head through the fleshy tunnel.

Elevator Access

Go round and through the door marked garage on your left. Kill the imp that spawns in behind you as you pass through the second door and then climb onto the freight cart loader and let the door close before you hit the control panel.

Exit when it stops, go into the lift and hit the control panel to finish this level.

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