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Walkthrough of Delta Labs 2 South, Level 16 of Doom 3

by: Simon Hill ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

This is a complete walkthrough guide for Delta Labs 2 South the 16th level of Doom 3, highlighting the route to take, monsters and pick ups along the way.

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    Elevator Lobby

    Exit the lift and grab the armor shads to your right, an imp will pop up from the floor and another will come round the corner at the end of the corridor.

    Grab the armor and medkit off the trolley on your right before going through the next door. When the walls stop bleeding there will be two imps and a commando dead ahead and a zombie to your right.

    Take the door on your left and admire yourself in the mirror. There’s a zombie in one of the stalls with some pick ups. Head back out and kill another imp, grab the medkits off the desk and head over to call the lift.

    Choose level 2, Archives and kill the commando at the top then the imp who’ll appear in an alcove on your right, there’s armor in his alcove.

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    Records Office

    Go through the next two doors and waste the three zombies in the following room. You’ll find Peter Raleigh’s PDA on a desk to your right.

    Then two commandos will attack, one from each side. There are a few pick ups scattered throughout the room so look around before proceeding. There’s a last zombie to kill before the next door, use the medical station on your left and some ammo in an open cabinet.

    Head through the door, kill two more zombies and go into the next room. There are a couple of chaingun commandos and a revenant at the far end. Grab some ammo on the crates on your right and go through the door at the end. Turn right and jump over the boxes, crouch under the wreckage and then turn left to enter the Teleport Control Lab and trigger a cut scene.

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    Teleporter Control Lab

    After chatting to scientist I. McCormick you need to find a plasma inducer. Use the medical station and then head back the way you came, kill a chaingun commando and a revenant, go through the door and take the first door on your left.

    Kill the zombies and grab the armor, medkit and ammo on your left, enter the bio labs on the left at the end. Kill the zombie straight ahead behind the desk and then two imps will spawn in. Grab the pick ups at the back of the room and the ammo off the desk.

    Head down the stairs and take the door on the right killing another zombie. Follow the corridor round and enter the lab, kill the four zombies within and listen to the audio log; you can also read some reports on the monitor to your left. When you’re done proceed through the next door and kill the imp in the corridor and the one that spawns behind you.

    Go into the next room and kill the two zombies on your left and then the two imps that spawn in, collect some pick ups from the alcove on the left.

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    Hazardous Materials

    Approach the panel and kill the two imps who come in from your left then use the panel so the robot arm grabs a box (any number). When the box is lowered down in front of you hit the same number on the control panel again and jump onto the box.

    As the robot arm lifts the box jump off onto the ledge grab the pick ups and crouch to enter the tunnel. There are pick ups to the left in the tunnel then go right and drop through the hole.

    Kill the imps to your right and use the code 931 to enter the next room. Grab the medkit in the corner and use the control panel to open the chamber and get your hands on the BFG. Feels good doesn’t it?

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    Delta Security

    Head out and go left, and through the door use the control panel on your right to activate an oxygen purge. Enter code 972 to access the cabinet then head through the door, grab the medkit and use the left control panel to unlock the offices.

    Kill the imp that shows up and exit, go left and through the next two doors. Kill the revenant and the imp and then head straight across to the next door. There’s an imp behind it, grab the ammo and head through the next door and kill another imp.

    Head round the corridor to the right, kill an imp behind you and a zombie then enter the first lab and grab the pick ups and Phil Wilson’s PDA off the desk. Head back out and kill the remaining zombies.

    The next lab is empty; enter the one after on your right for some ammo pick ups and Frank Cinders’ PDA.

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    Delta Operations

    The last lab on your right is empty so turn left and take the stairs. Ignore the empty lab and take the stairs up to the door on the left. Kill the zombies and the imp that spawns in behind you and grab the medkit off the desk.

    Climb the stairs, killing any remaining zombies and enter the room on your right. Grab the pick ups from the open locker and the plasma inducer on your right. Exit and go into the room on your right and grab the pick ups.

    Come out of that room and turn right and go through the last door, kill the zombies and grab armor to the left of the lift. Push the box into the lift and select level 1, Lobby.

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    West Hallway

    Go round and take the first door on your right, kill the zombies in the corridor and turn right after the next door to kill a pair of commandos. Take a left and go through the door, back through the wreckage and then left to deliver the plasma inducer to McCormick.

    Grab the video disk to his left and use the medical station if you need to, then head through the door at the end into the teleport chamber.

    Once you are decontaminated go through and grab the pick ups ahead then follow the corridor round. Stand on the circular panel and activate the teleport sequence. You’ll get a short cut scene and the level is complete.

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