Doom 3 PC Game Walkthrough – Level 15 of Doom 3 Complete Walkthrough

Delta Entryway

You’ll find some pick ups on your left in the first room you enter and Robert Price’s PDA on the floor straight ahead.

Head up the corridor in the top left and go through the window on your right, back up your files on the computer terminals on your right and then follow the corridor round, head up the stairs to the back of the room and activate the control panel.

Head back the way you came and crouch down and climb under the floor when the floor panel pops up at you. The lift in the next room won’t work and the door to your right is locked so head down the corridor on the left. Grab the data linker which is propped under the corpse in the next room and then go back under the floor to the control panels. Insert the data linker between the two control panels.

Delta Systems Control

Go back down the stairs to the terminal on your right and watch the message. As you come back into the corridor an imp will crawl out of the floor, kill it and take the door on your right which is now unlocked.

As you walk in an imp will spawn behind you and a pinky will appear to your left. Head back down the corridor on the left to where you found the data linker and kill a commando on your left before taking the door on your right.

There’s an imp through the door, grab the pick ups round to the right and then go back into the previous room and take the door on the left this time. There will be another imp waiting behind it and another imp will spawn in as you proceed; go through the door at the end. A zombie will pop out the alcove to your right and then there’s another to your left, grab the ammo on your right and proceed.

As you reach the door a commando will jump out of another alcove on your right, kill him and head through the door.

Delta 1 Service Area 2

There is a pinky behind this door, and ammo to the right; an imp will jump down from the ceiling.

As you reach the next door there’s a zombie to your left with a medical station behind him. Look out for another commando behind you and then go through the next door. As you jump down into the room, a group of lost souls will attack you.

There’s a medkit on the left bottom shelf in front of you and some more pick ups on the top shelf on the right. As you go back towards the door you entered through a revenant will spawn in. At the left there is a tunnel, crouch down and enter to grab a medkit then proceed along the tunnel to the next room. There’s a cacodemon and an imp in here, so use the barrels to blow them away and access the cabinet with code 298.

Through the next door there is another imp to your right. As you walk through the room to the right, a revenant and cacodemon will appear ahead of you.

Turn right and kill another cacodemon who comes from the left, head up the stairs where he came from, kill an imp and get on the lift.

Delta Reactor Support

Kill the two imps at the bottom and then the revenant at the top of the stairs and grab the medkit off to the left. Head up the stairs and through the next door, there’s ammo and a medkit in the first alcove on your right and a zombie in the second.

Go through the next door and kill the lost souls before going up the stairs and following the walkway round, go up the ladder, kill another couple of lost souls, and as you follow the walkway there’s a cacodemon to your right and more lost souls to despatch.

You’ll find some pick ups at the end of the walkway then double back and take the door on your left. Kill the revenant hiding behind it, go through the next door and use the control panel to bring the reactor online.

Reactor Service Access

With the reactor powering up turn round and take the left door, kill a zombie and use the medical station behind him if you need to then climb the ladder.

Kill another zombie and an imp and collect the pick ups before climbing the next ladder. As you walk round two imps will spawn in, one in front and one behind, kill them and proceed through the next door to see the reactor spinning furiously away.

Two cacodemons will spring up in front of it, grab the ammo off to the left and Brian Mora’s PDA to the right then turn to see another cacodemon and a couple of lost souls. Go back through the door you entered through and kill the commando then drop down and crouch under the walkway for some armor shards.

Head back down the ladders and through the door and you’ll run into another commando.

Delta Reactor Engineering

You can now open the door on your left which was previously locked but when you do an imp will jump on you.

You can jump off to the platform on the left to find more armor and there’s a medkit under the stairs. Take the door on the left; kill three cacodemons, two in front, one behind.

Grab the medkit by the crate at the end and go up the stairs along the walkway and kill the commando who is waiting through the next door. Call the lift, kill the two imps at the bottom and proceed through the next door, you’ll find a medkit on the desk to the right of the stairs.

Climb the stairs and kill the commando then in the next room you’ll find a zombie, pick ups to the left and a medical station to the right. Get into the lift and select level 2, Delta Authority.

Delta Authority Junction

When you exit the lift there’s a pinky to your left and an imp round the corner. Facing the lift go to the top left corner for a medkit and then exit through the door on the right. You’ll find three zombies round the first corner and further along some armor on your left.

Round the next bend there are two commandos and one of them has a chaingun so be careful. There’s another pair of commandos in the next room, again one has a chaingun. You’ll find pick ups right and left as you enter, go down the stairs and through the door on the right then the next one and kill the cacodemons waiting there.

Go through the door, down and through the next one and then there’s a revenant to your left and a commando behind you. Head along the corridor that the revenant came from, kill two chaingun commandos in the room at the end and then call the lift on your left to exit this level.

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