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Monorail Walkthrough: Level 14 of Doom 3 - Complete Doom 3 Walkthrough

by: Simon Hill ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

A complete walkthrough of level 14 of Doom 3 set on the monorail, this guide will keep you alive.

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    Recycling Facility Boarding

    This level kicks off with a cut scene. Enter the level and grab the pick ups and Sam Harding’s PDA on the right, there’s a medical station too.

    When you’re ready board the train and use the control panel in the front cab to activate it. As the train pulls out across the Martian landscape a scientist named T. Ryan will pop up behind you and have a chat. Get off the train when it stops and take the ladder down at the end of the platform to grab some pick ups.

    Go back up and open the door, there’s a commando and then four z-secs and an imp off to the right. There are medkits behind the boxes on the left.

    Head down the stairs taking out another z-sec on the way and you’ll find Gary Ross’s PDA on the right. You can find some armor shards in the next alcove on your right, then bear left watching out for a commando behind you.

    As you come round to the right there’s another commando and a z-sec; use the barrels to take them out. There are various pick ups behind the shelving then another imp will spawn off to the right and two imps behind you.

    As you head along to the right and up the stairs onto the walkway another three imps will spawn in and another commando will appear ahead of you. Head up the stairs and watch out for another commando coming through the door.

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    Site 2 Boarding Platform

    Go through the door and use the medical station to your left, grab Charles Hollies’ PDA off the desk on your right and use code 142 to access the cabinet. Hit the control panel and enter code 826 to open the airlock junction.

    Head back the way you came, killing some trites along the way. When you come down off the walkway there are some goodies hidden in the top left alcove. Go back to the platform and kill the trite then reboard the train and use the control panel to activate it. This will trigger a short cut scene.

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    Delta Complex Walkway

    Take the ladder up and kill the commando at the top. Enter the door on your right and kill some trites before proceeding through the next door. There will be a commando, zombie and an imp off to your right, when they’re done another two commandos will spawn in.

    Climb down the ladder at the end of the platform for some pick ups and then head into the Delta Labs. There’s a medkit inside and then a commando through the next door. Go through another door and there’ll be a z-sec to your right and one above you straight ahead.

    Take the stairs and enter the small room the grab Karl Cullen’s PDA, go back out and through the next door, kill an imp and go through the next door, kill the commando and another imp behind you.

    Go through the next corridor and you’ll find a circular room with a commando in it. Enter the room cautiously as the turret guns are online and will fire at you. Duck down to the right for cover and then make a dash across to the open room opposite to the right of the door facing you.

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    Delta Security Checkpoint

    While you let the turret gun take care of some enemies enter the room behind you and open the cabinets with code 364. When everyone seems to be dead deactivate the turret guns using the control panel. Head out to the left and hit the control panel to open the bay door, enter and hit the control panel inside to exit this level.

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