Complete Guide to Doom 3 – Recycling Sector 2 Walkthrough: Level 13 of Doom 3

Pumpstation 1B

Enter the first room and head to the top right to find some armor on the shelf. You’ll also find a medical station in the room to your right.

Grab Jeffery Moen’s PDA and use the control panel to reactivate the primary pump systems. When the message has finished four imps will spawn in the big room, kill them and jump on one of the moving pistons to quickly reach the walkway above.

Through the next door round to the right there will be three imps, two in front and one behind. Kill the lost souls who pop up when you enter and in the next room use the exploding barrels to kill three imps.

You can access the cabinet with code 483; grab the goodies and head down the corridor to the left where a zombie will come through the door at the end. A revenant will spawn in behind you and then another two lost souls.

Use the medical station off to the left and then proceed through the door.

Storagehall 1

Turn left and there’s an imp on your right – you can find pick ups on the shelf ahead and some armor off to the right.

Go through the next door and kill the imp ahead before going down the stairs where you’ll find a revenant. There will also be an imp and another revenant behind you.

Grab a medkit through the doorway to your left and then head up the corridor, as you come round the corner to the left an alcove will open on your right with a zombie in it. You’ll find another two zombies and an imp round to the right. Following the corridor round there’s an imp on your right you can take out with the barrel next to him and then a pair of lost souls.

When you enter the room on the right there’s another imp and a revenant. Grab the pick ups – there’s armor at the back and a medkit.

Head through the door and the next door will open revealing an imp; there’ll be another behind you. Head in and kill the zombie, grab the pick ups off the shelf on your left and use the medical station. Head up and use the control panel on your left to vent the chamber. When you do an alcove ahead will open and three imps will attack. Then a zombie will shamble up behind you.

Head back out and back to the previous room taking out two lost souls and then back down the corridor to the left to take out a zombie.

Central Pipes Junction

Turn right and then head down the stairs. Head right to take out a revenant and an imp and then there’s another revenant behind you.

There’s a medical station behind the cage to your left. Go through the next door and kill the revenant at the end then through another door and down some stairs to your left. You’ll be attacked by a group of fast and not so angelic cherubs. When they’re down head to the end and use the barrel to take out an imp on your right.

There’s a medical station to the right in an alcove and some armor on the shelves ahead. Go forward and take the door on your left; there will be one imp behind you and another up the stairs. Head up the stairs, kill the revenant at the top and use the panel to call the lift. At the bottom there are cherubs left and right, bear right and follow the corridor round grabbing pick ups in the dark corners.

When you enter the next chamber you’ll trigger a cut scene.

Underground Hazard

Brace yourself, it’s time to face a mancubus! Use the pillars for cover and to reload. There are three to kill.and you can find some medkits and armor at the back of the room.

When the mancubus threat is dealt with some cherubs will spawn in. Kill them, climb the ramp and follow the walkway round. There will be a couple of cherubs on your left and a medical station and some pick ups.

Go through the door, kill another two cherubs and call the lift using the panel on the right. At the top things will turn toxic so grab the pick ups on your right and quickly hit the control panels on the left as you run down the corridor – there are three to activate to vent the toxins.

At the end, up the stairs a revenant will spawn in. Head through the door and you’ll see the exit on your left – hit the control panel and leave the level.

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