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Monorail Skybridge: Complete Walkthrough of Level 12 of Doom 3

by: Simon Hill ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Level 12 of Doom 3 sees you making your way through the monorail skybridge and this complete walkthrough guide will get you to the end in one piece.

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    As you exit the airlock the bridge in front of you will collapse. Make your way over the wreckage quickly and watch out for the two cacodemons who are floating around. You’ll find some extra air canisters and a medkit to grab then turn right and run round the rocks.

    Move to the left and hit the control panel to enter the next airlock. In the next corridor the lights will dim and a pinky will charge you so be prepared. As you turn right at the end of the corridor there will be a zombie and a maggot; you’ll also find some pick ups in the alcove on your right. When you reach the door there will be a zombie on your left and an imp behind you.

    Use the medical station if you need to and go through the door to trigger a short cut scene.

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    Storage 1

    It’s your first revenant; take him out as quick as you can.

    Head up the ramp and kill the imp in the darkened room to your right, grab the pick ups off the shelves. You’ll find another revenant on the walkway on the left side of the room; head over there and go through the next door. There will be a pinky waiting for you, then an imp on the right and a zombie behind you.

    Take the door on the right and you’ll trigger a creepy scream. Take out the imp that spawns in front of you and use the barrel to blow away the wraith and imp to your right, then call the lift. If you check to the right in the dark recess you’ll find some armor.

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    Elevator Access Basement

    When you reach the bottom take out the two maggots in the corridor and grab the pick ups on your left; there’s another maggot at the next corner.

    Grab the medkit on your right and as you go through the next doorway there will be two revenants, one in front and one off to the left. You can use the explosive barrels to take out the one on the left and then head up there and an imp will spawn in.

    There are some pick ups on the left as you head down the corridor and another three imps will spawn in. Go through the door on your left and kill the two pinky’s, but watch out for a third spawning in behind you.

    As you head through the doorway and down the next corridor you’ll find a zombie lumbering out of the darkness on your left and a wraith behind you. As you turn right into the next room there are two zombies on your right and an imp straight ahead.

    Grab the pick ups on the shelving and kill a maggot and two more zombies before heading up the stairs. At the top there is an imp on your left and a revenant hidden in an alcove to your right. As you come round the walkway towards the door there is a pipe on your left which you can jump onto for armor and ammo, but watch out for two imps spawning in behind you.

    Get back on the walkway and go through the door.

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    Central Maintenance

    Immediately through the door there is an imp and then a revenant up to your right. Take the door on you left and waste the maggot behind it.

    Go down the first flight of stairs and enter the chamber, jump to the platform on your right and enter the room. You’ll find three imps inside and some pick ups then a maggot to your right. Go up the stairs, check the corner at the top for a medkit and watch out for an imp hiding up ahead.

    Through the next door there’s an imp to your left. Grab Nick Sadowayj’s PDA and video disk from the desk and use the medical station if you need to. Hit the control panel to extend the service ladder, it will slide down on your right. Climb the ladder and at the first bend to the right kill two imps.

    When you reach the computer consoles turn right and drop onto the pipe - try not to fall off!. There will be a cacodemon ahead; get onto the next walkway, grab the pick ups in the dark on the left and then hit the control panel to execute an emergency shutdown.

    Head to the left and climb the ladder, climb down the next ladder and kill an imp.

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    Toxic Waste Processing

    Now head down the ramp on your left and you can walk across and up the ramp on the other side.

    Take the stairs and go through the door, use the exploding barrels to take out the imp that spawns in and climb the ladder on the left. Go up the stairs, grab the medkit on your left and kill the two pinky’s round to the right.

    There are loads of pick ups on the shelves on the left and a medical station on the right.

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    Underground Tunnel 1

    When you’re ready head through the door at the end and kill all the trites. As you come round the corner to the right an imp will spawn in and then more trites.

    Go through the door, grab the medkit and ammo in the top left corner, turn to kill a maggot and then waste the revenant in the next room. Watch out for more trites behind you as you attack the revenant.

    As you advance into the room check the floor and make sure you stay on the path to avoid the toxic waste; shoot the barrels up ahead on the left to take out the imp that spawns in. When you reach the doorway on the right another revenant will attack, when he’s done head inside and kill the maggot.

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    Toxic Disposal Maintenance

    You’ll find Anthony Garza’s PDA on the desk to your right. Head up the stairs and kill a maggot then there’s an imp up high to your right.

    Go through and grab the armor on the right and the rocket launcher from the gun rack. Turn round and go through the door; hit the control panel to enter the airlock.

    When you exit there is a revenant up to your left - go forward and use the barrels to take out another revenant on your right; head into that room for more air and a medkit then jump up the crates and onto the walkway above. As you run across watch out for a cacodemon.

    Hit the control panel to open the bay door and then exit the level.

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