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Level 11 of Doom 3: Complete Walkthrough for Communications

by: Simon Hill ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Communications is level 11 of Doom 3 and this is complete walkthrough guide highlighting the enemies and routes to take.

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    Communications Garage

    Hit the panel on your right to exit the airlock -a cacodemon will pop up from the floor. Head up the stairs to your left and watch out for another cacodemon spawning in behind you. Hit the control panel to call the lift and select level three, Communications, once you are inside.

    At the top there will z-secs, a zombie and an imp. Head along the corridor and through the door. Watch out for another imp spawning in behind you then proceed through the next door. There are two z-secs up the stairs to your right; hit the communications option on the control panel and kill the cacodemon that spawns in. Kill the two z-secs on the right and go through the door, there’s a medical station in there if you need it.

    Kill the z-secs in the next room, one behind and one in front, be careful because the one in front has a shield.

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    Communications Access

    Go through the next door, the first door on your left is locked so go down the stairs and through the other one. This is the main communication room, grab Seamus Blake’s PDA from the desk. Head back out through the red door and up the stairs, kill the z-secs and an imp and enter the alcove that opened for some pick ups.

    The locked door is open now so go through and kill the zombie, crouch down and climb into the alcove on your left for some more pick ups. Go into the next room and kill the imp and the z-sec, grab some pick ups straight ahead, kill the z-sec behind you and call the lift.

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    Comm Engineering Unit 1

    At the bottom there’s a zombie on your left and some hidden pick ups. Head right along the corridor, kill the imp and enter the next room. There’s a z-sec running towards you and an imp up to your left then another z-sec dead ahead. Grab the pick ups in the dark spot at the end and go through the next door. There’s a zombie on your right and an imp down to your left, kill the three wraiths that spawn in.

    You’ll find some pick ups on the left of the machine and then to the right a zombie will spring out and an imp will attack. Grab the medkit from the zombie alcove and proceed through the door. If you crouch under the walkway when you first enter you’ll find some armor shards.

    Take the first right and watch out for an imp who will open the door at the end; there will also be one up high behind you. There’s another inside, check under the stairs for more pick ups then climb the stairs and run across the walkway when the machinery slides away.

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    Comm Engineering Lift 2

    o through the door and crouch into the tunnel that opens for a medkit; turn around to see an imp entering. Take the lift up and kill another imp at the top then two z-secs in the room beyond. Before you go through the door at the end, on the left check under the stairs for a medkit and grab Ben Wolfe’s PDA.

    Go through the door and turn left, kill the z-sec and the cacodemon; head through the door at the end, kill another z-sec and activate the sentry bot. Then use code 246 to open the cabinet and the medical station if you need it.

    Follow the sentry bot out and open the door on the left for it, let it kill the imp and z-sec within and keep following. Follow the sentry through the next couple of doors and help him take out the imps and then a cacodemon and some z-secs. There are more cacodemons in the next room. Keep following the sentry bot and he’ll lead you to the lift.

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    Thermal Control

    Get into the lift and choose level 3, Satellite Control. You’ll find Rob Finch’s PDA at when you exit the lift.

    Head through the next couple of doors and you’ll find yourself in Satellite Control. Grab the armor off the desk and activate the uplink via the control panel. Sawn will pop up on the monitor to tell you to cancel the transmission, it doesn’t make much difference whether you choose to proceed or cancel, you’ll just get different dialogue.

    Head back to the lift and go down to Maintenance on level 1.

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    Communications Maintenance

    When you exit the lift there’s a z-sec on your left and two imps on your right. Grab the medkit on your left before going through the next door. There are two imps on a platform off to the left, proceed through the door at the end, kill the z-secs waiting there.Use the medical station and kill the imp who spawns in behind you, then call the lift and choose level 3, Communications.

    Exit the lift and turn right; watch out for an alcove opening on your left with a z-sec in it. Go through the next two doors and enter the big bay door on your left and the level is complete.

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