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Communications Transfer: Level 10 of Doom 3 Complete Walkthrough

by: Simon Hill ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Head over the surface of Mars and into the Communications Transfer in level 10 of Doom 3. This is a complete walkthrough guide which will show you how to complete the level.

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    Mars Surface

    Hit the control panel to your left to exit the airlock grab the pick ups on your left and head down the stairs. You’ll be attacked by a cacodemon, take him out and grab the air canister on your right then follow the walkway round to the right and turn left right at the end and hit the control panel to enter another airlock.

    Once you are inside grab the pick ups from the shelf on the right and take out the zombie, there are more pick ups under the stairs and a couple of imps will spawn in behind you. Head up the stairs and take out another zombie and then turn to deal with the imp who just spawned in behind you. Head through the door to your right and kill the z-sec then down the stairs where another three imps will appear.

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    Maintenance Crawlspace

    Under the stairs you’ll find some pick ups and a tunnel which you can crouch and enter. Crawl along and grab the medkit on your left and the ammo on your right then you’ll reach a room with a zombie in it. Go to the hatch and when it opens climb down the ladder, there are some trites at the bottom. Grab the air canisters and the medkit and move quickly through this section. You’ll find a lift on your right, hit the call button and enter when it arrives.

    When you reach the top there’s a zombie and a z-sec waiting and an imp will spring out of an alcove on your left, grab the pick ups in the alcoves left and right and when you move into the chamber look up behind you to see another imp. Climb the ladder on the right and take him out and grab the armor.

    In the next chamber there’s a z-sec to your left when you enter, crouch under the jammed door on your right and grab the pick ups. Back in the chamber head up the stairs on the left and watch out for two cacodemons who spawn in.

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    Service Room 2A

    Follow the walkway round and there’s a door on your left, enter here and grab James Holiday’s PDA which is on the floor. You’ll also find some armor shards and a zombie with a chainsaw. Kill him and grab the chainsaw and then use it to mash up the zombies at the door.

    Head back into the chamber and grab pick ups from the shelves on the left, there’s a small alcove you can crouch and crawl into behind the shelves for extra goodies. Kill the imps and maggot and head up the stairs and hit the control panel to go through the door.

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    PRC Support Area

    There’s a zombie in the alcove to your right, and then there’s a locked door on your left, turn right at the end and kill the imp. When the lights come back on a pinky will charge you; you can head back go through the previously locked door now, but watch out for the imp and wraith who are waiting.

    To the left are some pick ups then through the door there’s a cacodemon. Sneak round the left side of the room, get to the ladder in the right corner and climb it. There’s another cacodemon at the top, crawl under the stairs for a medkit and ammo then go up the stairs and grab more armor and ammo on the left. Go through the door and kill the wraiths and the pinky then head round to the left for more pick ups on the shelves.

    Go back and take the other branch of the corridor. You’ll find ammo and a medkit down a short ladder and then an imp will spawn in.

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    PRC Maintenance

    Open the door and kill the wraith and then grab the PDA on the floor next to the corpse of Ron Ridge. Hit the control panel on your right to call the service lift, jump and move and rotate it with the controls.

    A little way along a door will open on your left to reveal a z-sec and some pick ups in alcove. Take the lift further along watching out for a z-sec up to your right, jump off to enter the first door on the left for some pick ups; get back on the lift and proceed. Raise the lift to jump onto the walkway above and take out the z-sec through the door, then the imp who spawns behind you and finally another chainsaw zombie. Hit the control panel on the left to unlock maintenance access.

    Get back on the lift and turn right at the end and there will be an imp down to your right. Jump onto the platform he was on and go down the ladder for some armor, a medkit and ammo. Go back up the ladder and through the door, kill the zombie and the maggot that spawns in.

    Go up the stairs and hit the control panel to unlock the door. Go through the next door and call the service lift then kill the cacodemon that spawns in as you start to move again. Turn right on the lift, head to the end and turn right again then left. Jump onto the platform at the end and a cacodemon will spawn in behind you.

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    PRC – Personnel Ready Area

    Head through the door grab the armor and use the medical station if you need it. At the end of the corridor you’ll fall down, grab the strange glowing object which sends you psycho and punch out all the zombies that appear. When you’ve calmed down grab the armor shards and jump up the steps to the door.

    Go through the door, kill a chainsaw zombie and hit the control panel to enter the airlock. When it opens take out the cacodemon as quick as you can and towards the end turn left and then right to find the next airlock. Hit the panel, climb inside and you’re done with this level.

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