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Complete Doom 3 Walkthrough - Level 9 Doom 3 Walkthrough: EnPro Plant

by: Simon Hill ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

This is a complete walkthrough of the EnPro Plant, level 9 of Doom 3. Learn how to play through the EnPro plant in the Doom 3 pc game.

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    Walkway to EnPro

    This level begins with a spectacular cut scene. When it has finished exit the lift and use the medical station at the end of the corridor if you need to before progressing through the door. You have to find the Reactor Control room, head down the stairs and take out the imp who will appear in the doorway on your right.

    Enter that room for some pick ups and take out the zombie then head back out and meet up with the sentry bot. Stay behind the sentry bot and follow him as he takes out your enemies. He’ll lead you up some stairs into a room with computer terminals grab Paul Raad’s PDA from the desk and use the control panel on the left to turn off the gas leak.

    Follow the bot down the corridor and help him to kill the imps and maggots that spawn in. There are some pick ups in an alcove off to the right. You’ll eventually reach a door, go to the right behind the pipes and climb the ladder.

    At the top follow the corridor round and enter the room on your right which will trigger another cut scene.

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    Power Core Access

    Kill the lost souls and activate the control panel. Grab Theresa Chaser’s PDA from the desk and use the code 972 to access the cabinet. This will give you a plasma gun. Back outside there are a number of lost souls to deal with and then if you stand at the end on the right a bridge will extend allowing you to cross.

    Go through the door at the end and through the next corridor. There are more lost souls to deal with in this chamber. Head down and round the core and take the second door on your left (the first will be locked), the next room has an imp and some lost souls in it and an imp and maggot will spawn in behind you. Once you’ve dealt with them head round the blue laser beam to your right and more imps will spawn in. Kill them and take the lift down at the end.

    When you reach the bottom more lost souls will attack and you’ll find a medkit on the computer terminals. Two imps will come from the darkness behind you, take them out and check the spot they spawned from for pick ups.

    Go round the blue laser and open the door where you’ll find more imps, take them out with exploding barrels.

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    Reactor Control Room

    When the room is clear grab the medkit by the door and exit through to the core. Look out for lost souls and another imp. Then walk round the core and grab supplies in the small room.

    Activate the control panel to replace the rod and you’ll trigger a cut scene. Use the medical station if you need it and then go back through past the core which is now blue thanks to your cooling rod replacement. There will be a new batch of lost souls and an imp to despatch.

    Retrace your steps, killing another couple of maggots in the room with the blue laser and then take the lift back up.

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    Storage Hall

    At the top you’ll need to deal with another group of lost souls. Head back through the doors and round the core and through the door and corridor beyond. In the next room two maggots are waiting, when they’re done head round to the left and watch out for two imps spawning in.

    Go round to the right and down the stairs killing another maggot along the way on the left you’ll find some pick ups and an alcove will open with a maggot inside. Head back past the stairs and turn left, go up the stairs, watch out for a maggot spawning in behind you and go through the door. You’ll see a zombie on your right and some machinery in front of you, go round and up the stairs and down the other side where another zombie is waiting.

    There’s an imp through the next door, climb the stairs and kill the maggot at the top; another couple will spawn in behind you.

    There are more lost souls through the next door, kill them and then take out the imps at the bottom; there are exploding barrels to help. When it’s clear go down and crouch to check under the stairs for some armor shards.

    Go through the door at the far left of the room and enter the room beyond and cut scene will play. Kill the wraiths and grab Steve Hammer’s PDA which should be on your left. You can use it to access the locked room in the previous room with code 734 then head back to where you found the PDA and exit through the airlock. This level is done.

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