Walkthrough Doom 3 – Delta Labs 2 North Walkthrough: Level 17 of Doom 3

Teleport Chamber

Step back out of the teleport unit and go through the door on your left. You’ll find a medkit next to the corpse in the corridor. The door on your left is locked so proceed round the corridor to the right.

As you come up the stairs a flaming zombie will attack to your right. The end of the corridor is blocked, so turn right and go through the door. Grab the access card from the front right bench and kill the zombie that rises then head back out into the corridor and deal with the two imps who pop up.

Check out the alcove that one of the imps came from for some pick ups and then go back round to the locked door and use the control panel to scan the access card and enter.

Data Control Terminal

Follow the corridor round to the left and at the end, on your right, hit the control panel to open the storage. A commando and chaingun commando will attack from the door on your right, kill them and go through the door to kill another commando.

Kill the zombie creeping up on your left and go to the desk on your left to grab Francis Erikson’s PDA; look out for an imp behind you, then use the code 259 you got from the PDA to open the storage locker.

Follow the corridor round and hit the control panel to access the next room.

Central Processing

There’s an imp to your left and a commando straight ahead who’ll be closely followed by a second commando. You’ll find armor on the desk to your right and a zombie in the darkness on the left. In the dark spot the zombie came from there’s some ammo and a medkit, when you are ready head up the corridor.

Common Area

As you enter the lights will fail and an imp will spawn in the corridor behind you. You’ll also be faced with three imps in the room and another up above. When they’re dead head to the left and on the left hand side of the vending machines you’ll find a medkit.

Turn to your right and go along the corridor. As you reach a crossroads there will be an imp ahead of you. The door to the right is locked, head left and grab the pick ups and go through the door.

There’s a commando and chaingun commando to kill before you can go through and get on the lift. Hit the control panel to take it up.

When you exit the lift follow the corridor round, kill three imps and ignore the broken door off to the left. Instead, crouch and go into the tunnel on your right. There are some pick ups in a dead end off to the right and eventually you’ll reach a hole; drop down through it.

Specimen Research Lab

Chat to Dr. Michaels, he’ll give you a code. Use the medical station if you need to and then head through to the left to open the storage lockers with code 624.

When you’re ready jump over the crates in the corridor opposite. Crouch under the wreckage and look left for an imp.

As you enter the room you’ll see an archvile up above, try to kill him first, and then kill another imp and a commando. As you walk in another commando will jump down and attack.

Head to the right and go through the next door; watch out for another commando.

Stasis Chamber

There’s a video on the screen above you which tells you about the specimens. You can use the control panels next to each specimen to download emails for further information. Once you are done take the door in the top right of the room.

As you come round to the right you’ll hear a guy shouting for help, hit the control panel on the wall to your right and enter. Go down the ladder and follow the corridor round. It’s too late to help Jason Stevens but you can kill the imp and grab his PDA.

Climb the ladder for some pick ups then retrace your steps back to the door. Take the door on your right as you exit.

Stasis Transfer

Kill the imp, go round and activate the conveyor via the control panel. The specimen will give you some light as it travels along the conveyor.

There are more imps in here, hiding in the darkness. Follow the track round cautiously, you’ll see a pick up on a box off to the right, be warned if you pick it up you’ll drop into a secret area with more imps in it.

When you reach the end of the track crouch under the stairs on your right for some pick ups, then climb the stairs and proceed through the door. Use the medical station on your left and enter code 371 to access the cabinet.

Immediately through the door there’s an imp to your left; as you head down the stairs another spawns in behind you. Follow the track round, killing another imp on the way and turn left at the end.

Grab the armor on your right behind the box and then enter the door on the left and kill the imp that jumps on you. Kill another imp up ahead and grab the video disk off the bench on your left then get on the lift and hit the control panel to go up.

As you walk round the corridor an imp will spring out of an alcove. Grab the pick ups in the alcove and kill another imp then go through the next door.

Analysis Control

Use the control panel on your right to focus scan matrix; it won’t help you but it looks good. Head across behind the desk at the far side of the room and grab Larry Bullman’s PDA and the video disk.

Use the medical station then go round the back of the big scanner and use code 372 to open the cabinet (it’s on a post-it stuck to the cabinet). When it opens an imp will jump out. Grab the armor and then go through the next door.

Kill an imp and then a commando and go through the next door.

Central Processing

There’s a commando and chaingun commando off to your right. Open the glass door and grab Elizabeth McNeil’s PDA off the desk to your right; head back out and go to the storage room opposite using code 725 to open it. Grab the goodies, use the medical station and use code 0508 to open the cabinet.

Go back out and head to the door on your right, enter code 463 to open it, kill the imp that spawns as you enter and hit the control panel to enter the lift and complete this level.

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