Deus Ex: Human Revolution Walkthrough - The Convention Center and Sandoval's Base

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Walkthrough - The Convention Center and Sandoval's Base
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Home Again

After your mission in Montreal, you’ll wind up landing in Detroit as the riots rage below. The layout of the city has changed slightly, as the riot has sealed off the Sarif building’s footpaths. You won’t be able to get there until you finish your business outside and Faridah picks you up.

You’ll land on the roof of your apartment building. Walk past the security guards, go down the elevator and then enter your apartment to find David Sarif inside. He’ll explain the current situation and reveal his fear that the Illuminati are involved. For now, our objective is simple though. We need to find Sandoval, which means tracking down Bill Taggart at the convention center. If you talked your way into the morgue, you will see Detective Haas in the lobby. It seems that we cost him his job. You can either shut him down or offer him a job. It’s mainly there for roleplaying.

Start out by walking down the road, and look for the side entrance to the convention center. You may get a side quest on the way. You can complete it now or later, it’s up to you. Go inside the side entrance and wrap around to the main entrance. Just keep walking until you see the sign directing you to Taggart’s room or the backstage area.

Dealing with Taggart

The Convention Center - Finding Taggart’s Room

Note that there are two ways to do this. You can go backstage and hack Taggart’s computer if you wish, but it is difficult. There’s a guard and a camera at the main entrance, so you’ll have to go through the bathroom next door and find the vent. You can then go through it to wrap around and end up backstage. Wait for the guards to split, and then focus on stunning a few to clear a path over to the dressing room. It’s honestly not worth it though, unless you just really want to do a stealth run.

The better way to do it is to simply walk into Taggart’s speech and interrupt him. You can then debate him and make him admit to what’s happened on live TV, which will net you one achievement (The Throwdown). It also opens the path up for “The Last Straw” (if you’re trying to get achievements).

In order to convince him, you can wait for about two questions into the debate when you get the chance to use your social module. “Appease” will work on him. There are a few conversation paths too. Discredit, Confront, Discredit, Confront (or some similar setup) should work. Once you win the debate with Taggart, he’ll head backstage to discuss the situation privately.

After a short chat, he’ll give you information about Sandoval’s current hideout.

Sandoval’s Apartment

The Ambush in Sandoval’s Apartment

Head over to the marked apartment next to your apartment building, and climb the fire escape to enter. This time, the steel door will be left open, so you can just slip inside. Follow the two guards now. If you let Zeke escape earlier, I suggest that you just take them out now. Follow them and do a dual takedown or stun gun and takedown combo to clear the hallway. It’ll make things easier.

Go into the marked apartment, but be careful. If Zeke is alive, then there will be EMP mines on the table next to a dead Sarif guard and a Praxis Kit. Approach the table while crouch walking, unless you have EMP protection augmentation. Zeke (if he’s still alive and free), will be waiting around the corner with a shotgun. Just make a little noise and wait in the kitchen. You should be able to land an easy stun dart from here and take him out.

This area at first looks like a dead end, but there are other ways out.

The wall in the bathroom can be punched through to let you down into a hidden stash area next to the underground bunker. There’s also a breaker box in the back room, which you can use to open the secret elevator up. Drop down this shaft to end up in a small locker room.

The Base

The Path Through the Lasers

The two guards here have very tight patrols, if you watch closely, you should be able to slip past on the left. It may be easier to just do a stun gun on one and take down the other. It’s up to you, really.

Walk forward to enter the base in the sewers. Wait behind some crates until the guard in front of you passes and joins the guards to the right. If you wish, you can just fight your way through them all, but that’s not necessary. Sneak forward and through both sets of vents, then wait. There should be a lone guard on this back hallway, who you can take down as he walks past.

You can then loot his body for a pocket secretary with the code to shut off the lasers. The panel for the lasers is on a metal box in the little alcove in this hallway. It’s right next to the lasers, but provides some cover for you while you hack. Just use the code or hack the panel to deactivate the lasers. Crouch walk through them, because there are some very sensitive fragmentation mines on the nearby bridges. Once you’re past them, just turn to the right and enter Sandoval’s office.

Sandoval’s Fate

Stopping Sandoval from Killing Himself

If you exposed him on live air, he’ll be willing to talk to you, and he’ll then try to commit suicide. If you didn’t expose him, he’ll just try to kill you.

In order to talk Sandoval down from suicide, you can wait until the pheromone opportunity comes up and use “Pressure.” It’s fairly easy to just do it with reason though. Empathize, inspire and empathize will convince him to put the gun down and surrender to the police. I suggest that you loot this room for an ebook and some revolver ammo, then head out the new door to reach the surface.

Preparation for Hengsha

It’s time to go to Sarif HQ. This will officially advance the main story, so make sure that you take care of your side quests first.

I strongly suggest that you take an inventory and make sure that you have some ammo for a long range weapon. Have at least 20 bullets for your sniper rifle or 25 darts for your tranquilizer gun. If you don’t have a sniper rifle, you can get one out of the vent on the top of the gas station. Also stock up on EMP grenades. It will make things a bit easier in the future. Grayson and Seurat are both still open for business with new inventory, and the LIMB clinic has two Praxis Kits.

When you’re ready, go back to your apartment and take the elevator up to the helipad. You can then catch a ride with Faridah to go to Sarif HQ. When you arrive, you can walk around for a bit and see the HQ under siege. You should get an update to go to Sarif’s office, so go up the staff elevator. When you arrive, you’ll meet Hugh Darrow and get an update from Sarif. Once you regain control, just head back to the helipad and leave for Hengsha.


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