Complete Guide to Deus Ex: Human Revolution Hacking Augmentations

Complete Guide to Deus Ex: Human Revolution Hacking Augmentations
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Augmentations in Deus Ex: Human Revolution add a very cool customizable effect to gameplay, allowing players to create a version of Adam Jensen who conforms to their ideal playstyle, whether that’s a stealthy pacifist hacker or a gung-ho combat enthusiast. There are a multitude of cool augments to chose from, and doing so can become difficult without a guide.

Fortunately, we here at Bright Hub have put together just such a guide for you to use. Each section covers a different category of augment available in Deus Ex: Human Revolution, with explanations and advice for each different choice.

This section of the guide covers all of the Hacking augmentations available to Adam. You’ll find them in the Cranium Augmentations section of the in-game augmentations menu.

Hacking: Capture


Hack Computer Terminals

he basic component of the hacking mini game is the Capture ability. Access to this category of augmentation is unlocked during Adam’s first mission following his surgeries (early in the game). The initial unlock is free, and will grant three modules: Hacking Capture, Capture 1, and Camera Domination.

Hacking: Capture unlocks the basic ability to hack terminals.

Capture 1 grants Adam access to any terminal with level 1 security protocols in place.

The Camera Domination module allows the player to deactivate any cameras attached to security hubs that have been successfully hacked. Use this to shut off any pesky cameras covering the approach to sensitive areas to avoid detection. If a camera sees you, an alarm will sound and guards will come running.

There are two upgrade paths to take within the Hacking: Capture augmentation. The first path allows access to progressively more secure terminals, and includes the Capture 2, Capture 3, Capture 4, and Capture 5 modules. Unlocking each progressive level will enable Jensen to attempt to hack terminals, alarm panels, safes, and door keypads of the corresponding security level.

For example, unlocking Capture 4 will allow Jensen to access terminals of security level four, three, two, and one, but he will not be able to hack level five terminals.

The other set of modules affects the types of things Adam can do when he hacks a security hub. Turret Domination allows him access to a hub’s automatic weapon turret controls. Once inside, Jensen can turn hostile turrets against his enemies or shut them down completely.

After Turret Domination comes Robot Domination. With Robot Domination unlocked, the player can seize control of any robots connected to a security hub they have hacked. The associated robots can be shut down, or sent to destroy anyone in the area who might stand between Adam and his objectives.

Hacking: Analyze Add-On

Adam Jensen

The Analyze Add-On allows Jensen to more carefully plan his moves during the hacking mini game by displaying information about network nodes before he accesses them. The initial module, Hacking Analyze Add-On, also unlocks the Detection Feedback module.

This module allows the player to place the cursor over any node in a system to see the chances of being detected before accessing the selected node, even if it’s not currently connected to one that has already been compromised. This allows the player to plan their path through a system before any hacking has taken place.

Placing another upgrade point into this augmentation unlocks the Analyze All Datastores module. This upgrade allows Adam to see what is in each individual datastore before attempting to unlock it, making it even easier to decide if the additional time spent within a system trying to unlock a specific prize will be worth it.

Hacking: Fortify

The intial module in this augmentation, Hacking: Fortify, is unlocked automatically once the player gains the ability to hack into systems. Fortifying a node increases its rating, which slows down trace attempts that run through it.

Fortify 1 is unlocked automatically, as well. This ability allows Adam to add 1 point to a node’s rating with the Fortify ability.

There are two additional modules in this augment: Fotify 2 and Fortify 3. Each upgrades the fortify ability to add two or three points to a node’s rating, respectively.

Hacking: Stealth

The final augmentation category for hacking is Stealth. This ability decreases the likelihood of being detected while hacking. Each successive module increases the effectiveness of this ability by 15%.

Human Revolution

Stealth 1, when unlocked, decreases the detection chance by 15%.

Stealth 2 ups the decrease in detection chance to 30%.

Stealth 3, the final module in this augmentation, further decreases the chances of detection to 45%.

Hacking is one of the most useful skills to players in Deus Ex: Human Revolution, and upgrading the augmentations related to hacking should be an early priority, regardless of playstyle. Our guide to hacking augmentations in Deus Ex: Human Revolution will be your guide to each type of upgrade.

For more augmentation information, please check out the other sections of our guide.


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