Complete Deus Ex: Human Revolution Torso Augmentation Guide

Complete Deus Ex: Human Revolution Torso Augmentation Guide
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One of the coolest and potentially most confusing aspects of Deus Ex: Human Revolution is the in-depth augmentation system. By using Praxis points that become available as you level up in the game (or purchase them with in-game cash), you can augment Jensen’s abilities and evolve him along a path that best matches your own personal playstyle.

There are a multitude of different augments to choose from, and each type has its own special effect on gameplay. Our guide to augmentation in the game will be comprised of several parts, each covering a specific category.

This first guide covers augments that are part of Jensen’s torso. You’ll find them under “Torso Augmentations” in the augmentations menu in-game.

Sentinel RX Health System


The first category of torso augmentation is one that every player will make extensive use of, the Sentinel RX Health System. Unlocked after the initial tutorial level is complete, This system has two distinct systems, both of which work together to keep Adam on his feet in a firefight.

The Cardiovertor Defibrillator kicks in when Adam’s health gets extremely low. It’s an entirely self-contained system capable of restarting a human heart 80+ times without a single recharge. This system enables you to regenerate health while not taking damage.

Angiogenesis Protein Therapy is the other embedded augmentation. While the defib restarts Adam’s heart, this module delivers needed healing to any part of the body, healing wounds automatically over time.

Sarif Series 8 Energy Converter

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The Sarif Series 8 Energy Convertor is the system which provides the power to run many of Jensen’s augmentations. Baseline functionality is unlocked after the conclusion of the tutorial mission, and includes two modules: Base Energy Level and Base Recharge Rate.

Base Energy Level grants Adam a second energy cell and Base Recharge Rate allows for the slow recharge of a partially-discharged cell.

As you progress through the game, you can choose to upgrade either aspect of the Energy Converter. There are three levels of the Energy Level Upgrade module. Each level grants an additional energy cell for Adam to draw power from, up to a maximum of five.

There are two additional upgrades to the Recharge Rate module, as well. Grabbing both Recharge Rate Upgrade 1 and Recharge Rate Upgrade 2 will significantly increase the rate at which Jensen’s partially-depleted energy cells recharge. Fully depleted cells will still need to be recovered through consuming nutrients, but any cell with a small amount of energy let in it will refill to maximum at an accelerated rate.

Implanted Rebreather

Combat Augmentations

The Implanted Rebreather protects Adam from the harmful effects of poisonous gasses and also increases his cardiovascular capacity, making it possible for him to sprint for longer periods of time.

The initial module is the Implanted Rebreather itself which, when unlocked, allows Jensen to breathe harmful gasses without ill effect. The Chemical Resistance module is automatically unlocked when you spend points on the Rebreather.

Further investment in the augmentation will unlock the Hyper Oxygenation 1 module, adding 2.5 seconds to the maximum time for which Adam can sprint.

The final module in the Implanted Rebreather augmentation is Hyper Oxygenation 2, which again adds an additional 2.5 seconds to Jensen’s sprint ability, bringing the total improvement to five seconds.

Typhoon Explosive System

The final torso augmentation is one that Jensen himself recovers during his first mission following his enhancement surgeries. The Typhoon Explosive System was originally developed for the U.S. government, but Jensen is able to add it to his arsenal by spending upgrade points.

The Typhoon launches mini-explosives in a 360 degree arc around Adam, exploding out to a range of eight meters. When activated, a series of pads attached to the user’s arms, legs, and torso launch ball-bearing shaped explosives in an outward direction, taking out any hostiles who are unlucky enough to be nearby.

The initial unlock in this augmentation gets you the Typhoon Explosive System itself, as well as the Light Damage Variant module, which deals enough damage to kill any nearby living target, but will only damage hardier synthetic enemies.

Spending one more point in the augment gets you the Heavy Damage Variant, which upgrades the damage of the Typhoon enough to take out all enemy types, including hostile robots.

There are some very useful torso augmentations to choose from in Deus Ex: Human Revolution. These high-tech devices allow you to regenerate health, upgrade Adam’s energy capacity and regeneration, breathe deadly gasses with impunity, sprint for an extended duration, and deal devastating damage to any enemies in the nearby vicinity. Choosing between these great upgrades is hard enough, but adding in all the other options can get downright confusing.

Our series of guides on augmentations will help you make the best choice for your playstyle. Check out the other sections for more Deus Ex: Human Revolution augmentation information and advice.


  • All images and references from Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

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