Deus Ex: Human Revolution Cranium Augmentations Guide

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Cranium Augmentations Guide
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The augmentation system in Deus Ex: Human Revolution is one of the coolest aspects of the game, allowing players to customize Adam Jensen’s abilities to suit their own individual playstyle by activating and upgrading augmentations and modules as they progress through the game.

With such a large selection of augmentations, choosing between then can become very problematic. The best way to ensure the right upgrade choices are being made is to acquire and examine as much information about the individual choices as possible.

That’s where we come in. Here at Bright Hub, we’ve put together an extensive guide to all the augment choices in Deus Ex: Human Revolution. This section of the guide covers all of the non-hacking Cranium Augmentations available in the game.

Social Enhancer

Social Augmentations

Despite sounding like something a group of computer engineers might want to wear to a party, the Social Enhancer upgrade in Human Revolution is an invaluable tool when it comes to in-game conversations.

Often, convincing an NPC to give up information or allow Adam access to a previously restricted area can save a lot of trouble in the game. This augmentation ensures you’ll have a better chance of making a compelling argument.

For the cost of a single upgrade, you’ll get both the Social Enhancer and the Emotional Intelligence Enhancer. With these module active, you’ll have access to the optical polygraph, personality analyzer, and (frequently, though not in every conversation) the synthetic pheromones propogator.

The optical polygraph appears as a meter that gauges how close the person you’re conversing with is to agreeing with you.

The personality analyzer will provide a guide to dealing with the individual, giving clues as to what types of approaches might work with them.

Finally, the synthetic pheromones propagator allows you to release pheromones designed to encourage persons of specific personality types to agree with you.

This is a very useful upgrade that comes in handy throughout the game. It is highly recommended you pick it up early on.

Radar System

The Radar System augmentation is automatically activated after Adam completes the initial tutorial level. The initial unlock grants both the Radar System and Radar 1 modules, granting him the ability to track hostile targets with his HUD out to a distance of 25 meters. These targets must be visually acquired before the radar will begin to display them.

The upgraded version, Radar 2, extends the range of the radar out to 50 meters. In addition, targets will be automatically added to the HUD when they come into range, Adam will no longer have to see them first.

The Radar upgrade is another fantastically-useful module, especially if you plan on utilizing stealth a good portion of the time.

The Infolink is Adam’s link to the people back at Sarif Industries while he’s out in the field. Comprised of two modules, the Cochlear Implant and the Subvocal Communication Implant, these augmentations allow him to communicate without fear of being overheard by nearby hostiles.

The Infolink augmentation and its associated modules are automatically unlocked following completion of the tutorial mission.

Stealth Enhancer

Instant Takedown

The Stealth Enhancer augmentation has a number of associated modules capable of enhancing the way Adam uses his radar to track enemies. These enhancements can make moving through environments without being seen much easier.

With the initial activation of the Stealth Enhancer augment, the Noise Feedback module is automatically unlocked. This mod will monitor any noise produced by Adam and display the distance at which hostile enemies could possibly overhear it.

The Cones of Vision module adds “vision feedback” functionality to the HUD’s radar screen, allowing Jensen to see the range of vision for each individual enemy, making avoiding being seen much easier.

The Last Known Location Marker will display the last location that an enemy sighted the player on the radar screen. This gives you some idea of where they’re headed, and you can either escape or lay a trap, according to your preferred tactics.

The Stealth Enhancer augmentation also has three Mark and Track modules. Initial activation of Mark and Track 1.0 allows the player to mark up to three enemies from a distance, then track them on the HUD. Further upgrades to Mark and Track 2.0 and 3.0 will allow tracking of five and seven enemies, respectively.

These cranial augmentations allow players of Deus Ex: Human Revolution to radically change their style of play by adding enemy tracking, cones of vision, a noise tracker, and other improvements to the in-game radar system. In addition, the Social Enhancer is an invaluable tool for negotiating the various in-game conversations.

There are so many useful augmentations to acquire, choosing between them may be the most difficult task of all.


  • All images and references from Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

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