Demon's Souls Walkthrough: Tutorial and Boletarian Palace, World 1-1

Demon's Souls Walkthrough: Tutorial and Boletarian Palace, World 1-1
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Demon’s Souls Walkthrough: Tutorial

Once the tutorial begins, move forwards. At the end of the path, you’ll meet an enemy who is very weak. Just press the R1 button to attack. Proceed on then down the next watery path. When you come to a tunnel, there’ll be an enemy at both ends. Dispatch them. Head up the stairs then and be wary of the enemy that attacks up top.

On the way up the stairs, you should see a glowng orb by a corpse. Press X by it, to acquire some crescent grass (a healing item). When you come to the bridge, move forwards and grab the item by the corpse, then drop down. Move to the left into the garden like area. Kill the enemies here and press X on the glowing sword. Warp to the new area.

Demon’s Souls Walkthrough: Tutorial - Entering the Nexus

Once there, kill the guard and move down the wooden path. Before you go down the next hall/tunnel though, you’ll face two blue eyed knights there. To make easy work of them, press triangle (makes you hold your weapon with two hands) and then hit him or you can practise blocking/dodging (an essential skill). Go up the stairs then and take out the other enemies.

When you go through the fog blocking the way (it’ll block your passage two times), don’t bother fighting the big enemy that attacks.

Demon’s Souls Walkthrough: Beginning of Boletarian Palace, 1-1

Once you’ve revived, talk to all of the NPCs, especially the one who has a blue’ish hue. Press X on the archstone/pillar just behind him. This’ll take you to the first proper level of the game.

After the cutscene, you’ll note that barricades dot the path forwards. Behind them are enemies. To counter them effectively if a warrior character, try to attack as they do and you should be able to hit them before they hit you (I was playing as a Knight). So, move forwards taking the enemies out and up the stairs.

When you come to the end, turn left. Before going around the corner, be aware that there’s a crossbow man. So, you may want to proceed around the corner with your shield up (L1). Also, don’t fall down the hole.

Before going through the doorway here be wary of an enemy that will ambush you. There are three enemies altogether in here. After clearing the two rooms, smash the crates outside for some firebombs. Head up the stairs and defeat the two guards.

Demon’s Souls Walkthrough: Boletarian Palace, 1-1 - Getting Past the First Two Fog Barriers

Demon’s Souls Walkthrough: The first fog barrier of Boletarian Palace.

Pass through the fog. Clear the barrels etc. in the hallway and grab the items. Go back then and before going up the stairs, be warned that he throws firebombs. At the top, turn right at the passage’s end and be careful of the drop. Take out the three enemies here. Before proceeding up the stairs through the next doorway, be prepared to run backwards as soon as a boulder comes tumbling down. After that, you can get the item below you.

Once at the top of the stairs, defeat the blue eyed knight and then double-back, defeating the other three enemies. However, don’t tackle the red eyed knight.

Now go past the fog and down the stairs. Make sure you cut the chains on the way down and at the bottom, pull the lever. Grab the cling ring here and the two items outside, which are a quest item and some low strength requirement armor. Then head back up to the fog where the blue eyed knight was.

Demon’s Souls: Boletarian Palace, 1-1 Walkthrough - Rescuing Ostrava

Demon’s Souls: Boletarian Palace, 1-1 walkthrough - Where the ambush is.

Pass through the fog and down the stairs. The enemy at the end of the walkway here will throw a bomb, so be prepared to run back as he throws it. Take him out then and be wary of an ambush further down where the soldier is with a polearm. Once you’ve killed the two soldiers, you can smash the barricade to gain access to a merchant.

After that, continue on your way. Be prepared for enemies to drop down though and as you work your way up the stairs, take out the crossbow men and the blue eyed knight. Before going through the fog, doubleback down the stairs and take out the other enemies in the area that can be reached via the other stairs. You should rescue a man by taking this route, called Ostrava. Talk to him when you do.

Demon’s Souls: Boletarian Palace, 1-1 Walkthrough - Opening the Way to Phalanx

Doubleback and go through the fog. Hit the wooden structure straight ahead to unleash some boulders to kill the enemies without fighting them. After taking the stairs, you’ll be attacked by two more enemies. Be prepared to block and then attack. After killing them, go up the next set of stairs. When you step on the bridge, a dragon will fly overhead and breath fire, be prepared to run back when you see it. (Also, if you go left instead of heading up the stairs and onto the bridge/rampart, you’ll find the dragon’s roost. But ignore that for now.)

Regardless, fight your way across the walkway and into the room ahead. Pull the lever and you’ll have opened the gates at the start of the level, therefore opening the way to the boss. Go down the passageway and kill the two enemies and also destroy the items around the corner for some turpentine.

Demon’s Souls: Boletarian Palace, 1-1 Walkthrough - How to Beat Phalanx

Demon’s Souls: Boletarian Palace, 1-1 walkthrough - The fog blocking the way to Phalanx.

When you come to the stairs, don’t go down straight away. By going down, you’ll fight some black blob enemies with a shield and spear. Simply roll around them and attack from behind. With this knowledge in hand, go down. At the bottom, pull the lever. Before going through the gate to the boss, make sure you have turpentine equipped as well as healing items.

Now head through the gate/fog to trigger the fight and use the turpentine by pressing the down arrow key until it appears as the equipped item, then press square. You may have to renew it during the fight.

Now then, the goal here is simple. Phalanx is protected by a lot of those black blob things, so take all of them out and use the pillars in the room as cover. It’s best if you can draw them away from Phalanx as you whittle them down as well. Once they’re dead, you’re free to attack Phalanx.

After it dies, press X by the glowing archstone/sword. Take the demon soul (but don’t use it) and then press X again to warp to The Nexus. Once that’s done, you’ll need to visit the Monumental near the top of the Nexus (it might be wise to jump from a high point and kill yourself, then retrieve your souls.) It’s like a small stone statue and it’s sat down.

After talking with the Monumental, talk to the Maiden in Black and level your character up, as well as repair.

Demon’s Souls: World 1-2, Phalanx Archstone Walkthrough - Acquiring Fire Resistance Gear

Demon’s Souls: World 1-2, Phalanx Archstone walkthrough - The black blobs at the beginning of world 1-2.

Before warping to the Phalanx Archstone, make sure you have plenty of ranged ammunition (perhaps arrows because you’ll find a bow in the second level)

After warping to the Phalanx Archstone, move forwards and defeat the black blobs that attack you down the stairs. Gather all of the items here and talk to Ostrava, then head to the rampart/bridge. The dragon will breath on the rampart, so when it flies overhead, retreat. Also, watch out for the soldiers here. However, before proceeding onwards, head back to the dragon roost in the first level if you didn’t get the items from there. You’ll be able to get a bunch of items such as a great ring of strength, a fire resistance ring and a fire resistant shield. These’ll help with the dragon in the second level. Head back there now.

Demon’s Souls: World 1-2, Phalanx Archstone Walkthrough - Saving Ostrava and Finding a Merchant

When you’re at the rampart again, move across to the small parapet while avoiding the dragon’s breath. Now head up to the top of the parapet, defeating the enemies as you do so. You should find a wooden catalyst item here, handy for using magic. Head back down and go to the bottom of the rampart/parapet. Head to the left as you come to a tunnel so you can free Ostrava. And do watch out for ambushes. Talk to Ostrava when you meet him.

Head back and instead of going up to the rampart, continue straight ahead and watch out for dogs/wolves. At the end, you should find a merchant. Now head back up to the rampart.

You’ll want to fight the enemies on the rampart as you proceed forwards while avoiding the dragon’s breath again.

Demon’s Souls: World 1-2, Phalanx Archstone Walkthrough - Reaching the Boss

First, go up to the top of the parapet and eliminate the enemies, instead of passing through the fog. Here, you should find a bow, which’ll come in handy. Now go back down to where the fog is and pass through. Again, take your time here as you progress along the rampart, making sure you avoid the dragon’s breath. At the end, you’ll need to fight some soldiers and two blue eyed knights.

Don’t go through the fog yet. Instead, head upstairs. Kill the lizard and continue on upstairs. Kill the crossbow men here and loot the area, then go back downstairs. Ignore the door here and instead turn your focus to the fog barrier. Behind it is the level’s boss, Tower Knight. Before tackling him, you want to make sure you have plenty of ranged ammunition.

Demon’s Souls: World 1-2, Phalanx Archstone Walkthrough - How to Beat Tower Knight

Demon’s Souls: World 1-2, Phalanx Archstone - Where to stand when firing arrows at Tower Knight.

When you pass through the fog, a cutscene will play. Standing before you will be a massive knight and while I believe it’s possible to beat him using melee, I don’t recommend it. Instead, the way I’ve beaten him is by moving up the stairs and killing the first crossbow man I reached. Then, you can try ducking into the room up the stairs for a breather and work out a plan.

However, the plan you’ll want to use here should be one that sees you moving around the ramparts/castle walls and killing the crossbow men there. After that, it’ll only be you and the Tower Knight. Once that’s done, equip your bow and stand where the crossbow men were. You want to fire an arrow at Tower Knight when he begins the animation to attack. Then you want to move back to avoid being hit. If you find your arrows are hitting the wall by you though, just move forward a bit. Repeat this process and you should beat him even if it takes a while.

When you go the archstone and pick up the boss' soul, don’t use it. Teleport back to The Nexus because you cannot progress further in this world until you complete one of the other worlds entirely.

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