Demon's Souls: Tower of Latria Walkthrough (PS3)

Demon's Souls: Tower of Latria Walkthrough (PS3)
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Acquiring the First Keys

Note: When directions are given, it’s assumed that the camera is positioned behind your character.

Once you start this level, you’ll be in a prison like area. Move forwards and you’ll see an enemy walking around with what looks like a glowing lantern. The enemy is a mindflayer and if they hit you with their magic, they will deal heavy damage. The trick is to sneak up behind them and attack for a damaging move. After you’ve killed the mindflayer, loot the corpse and take the keys from the wall, then head back to the start of the level. Move to the left of this area and loot the rooms, then proceed back to where you found the keys, looting as you go. You may want to kill the prisoners as well. When you get back to where you found the keys, continue on looting and killing. Don’t take the corridor leading into the next area yet though.

After you’ve looted everything, take the corridor leading north, but do be wary of the mindflayer patrolling the immediate area. You can backtrack if he spots you. After he’s fallen, move right and loot the area, then move left while being wary of the mindflayer on the other side. After you’ve killed the other one, take the key and gather everything. Backtrack to where you entered the level after that and open the nearby door.

After Passing Through the First Fog Barrier

The next corridor you need to go down after passing the door leading outside.

Pass through the fog and go up the stairs. At the top, kill everyone and loot the area, while paying attention to locked doors like the one that leads outside. Eventually, you’ll go into an open jail cell and find the next corridor you need to go down. Once you’ve found it, kill the patrolling mindflayer just outside. Take the keys then to the right.

Now head back and open any doors while looting, before going to the door that leads outside. Before you open the door, know that you’ll need to take a mindflayer out on the other side. So, open it and do so. Open the next door and again take out the mindflayer before looting the area and killing the prisoners.

After he’s been killed, go to the right first and open the cells to find an NPC who you can trade with. After that, loot the area and make sure you open the torture devices for a ring of magical sharpness. Eventually, you’ll come to another door at the end of the pathways.

Finding Sage Freke

The area where you have a choice between taking the stairs or the next walkway by the jail cells.

Open the door and go down the stairs. At the bottom, you’re faced with a choice of going down more stairs or going onto another walkway where the jail cells are. First, go around the corner and grab the old spice off the corpse. Next, choose to take the next set of stairs down and take the keys from the wall as you emerge into a new corridor. Open the door in front of you (the other doors are locked) and go down the stairs.

Pass through the fog. Instead of taking the next set of stairs down, go to the next walkway from here and take out the mindflayer while looting the cells. Then, go back and take the stairs down. Once you open the door, you’ll face a new enemy. It’s not difficult though as long you keep at range and use the pillars/walls for cover while popping out to shoot arrows at it. The enemy’s essentially a big round’ish creature that shoots blue energy at you.

After it’s defeated, explore and loot the area. Eventually, you’ll find an open doorway. When you go through it, a cutscene will play. Instead of exploring the outside area though, head back inside and go upstairs to the walkway you never explored in the jail that was mentioned in this section. Loot everything here and pay attention to the man in a locked cell with the glowing light. He’s Sage Freke and you’ll be back to rescue him later.

Now return back to the area where the cutscene played.

Disabling the Machine

The area you to backtrack to from the machine that fires bolts at you in the Tower of Latria level in Demon’s Souls.

Once you’re outside, smash the objects in your immediate vicinity. Now go to the left of the entranceway you just left. Instead of carrying down one straight path, take the path fork heading right when you come to it. Now before taking the path to the left from here, pay attention to the machine that’s shooting bolts at you. Grab the key here from a nearby corpse and then backtrack to where you found the previous set of keys. Open the door by the stairs here (see the picture).

Once the door’s open, head down the passage and take out the two patrolling mindflayers while being careful because they’re close to each other. Once they’re dead, head straight on instead of opening the door to the right. Open the door here, then backtrack and open the door you ignored. Take the stairs down from here and head towards the machine firing bolts. Ignore the stairs leading up in the circular staircase and go through the fog. Pull the switch by the machine to disable it. Now you can get the items that the machine prevented you from getting.

How to Beat Fool’s Idol

The guy you need to kill in order to defeat Fool’s Idol.

Once you’ve got those items, head back behind the machine and take the stairs leading up on your immediate right. Once at the top, follow the long path to the end and you’ll see a guy sitting down like he’s casting a spell (see the picture for what he looks like). You’ll need to kill him if you want to defeat the boss. Also, taking the keys will let you free Sage Freke who was held captive in that room with the glowing white light. He’ll sell you spells back at The Nexus.

Head back down and go up the stairs opposite the machine you disabled, to what looks like a chapel. Be warned though that you’ll fight a black phantom on the way. Make sure you have an item to cure the plague affliction equipped.

When she’s defeated, move up the stairs and the monastery doors will open in a cutscene. Pass through the fog and you’ll face the boss, Fool’s Idol. In order to defeat her, you’ll need to avoid the green circles she lays down and when she teleports and summons clones, you’ll find that the real one is the one that doesn’t have a health bar when you lock onto her or attack. Also, it seems like the real version is more likely to fling a big blue ball of energy at you.

Regardless, she’s really easy at the end of the day as long as you use cover when necessary. When she falls, move towards where she first stood and a cutscene will play. After the cutscene, move up the stairs and use the teleporter after grabbing her soul, unless you wish to try the next level.

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