Secrets, Easter Eggs, and Cheats for Demon's Souls

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Better than Demon’s Souls

Demon’s Soul represents a new, yet difficult, stage in RPG development for the Playstation 3. The unity between classic medieval themes and modern elements make it stand out on this new platform. Like most RPGs, Demon’s Soul for the Playstation 3 is not filled with too many cheat codes. Instead Demon’s Soul does pack in a number of different secret and hidden aspects that you can find with a little extra effort. Here are a few hints for Demon’s Soul secrets.

Secret Rings

Rings are a key part of Demon’s Soul and there are a couple that are especially easy to miss. When you are in the very first level when you are at the top of the castle you are going to do battle with a blue demon in front of a gate. Once you finish with him avoid the gate and head down the stairs. At the bottom you will find a level that you can use to open this gate. This will give you the Cling Ring. If you want to get the Thief Ring you will go into the fog gate right after that first demon and you will a gold knight over a ledge at a set of stairs. if you go down the side of the stairs you will find the Thief Ring right behind that gold knight.

Secret State

Once you beat the Vanguard in the tutorial you will go to a new stage. There will be a dragon and many soldier souls in the area. If you head outside you will find that the Old One will attack you and kill you. This is not a useful secret, but more of an entertaining Easter Egg.

Halloween Challenge

One secret that you can find has been referred to as the “Halloween Challenge.” On October 31st you will find that the Old One has reached maximum powers. This will make all enemies difficult, yet what you can get for fighting them will be far superior than normal.

Secret Cheat

Some of the Demon’s Souls secrets and Easter Eggs work a little bit like a cheat code, yet there is no code feature. Once you die you can hit the PS button as fast as you can and then quick before Auto-save picks up. If you do this successfully the cheat will allow you to reload your game with all of the souls in tact.