Dead Rising 2 Guide - Case 5 - The Helicopter Battle

Dead Rising 2 Guide - Case 5 - The Helicopter Battle
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Case 5-1: The Stakeout

This is quite easy. You need to get onto the rooftop of the Safehouse in time. You can reach the Safe Room roof by using the marked elevator. You will have to go up a set of stairs up to the elevator and then hit the button, but a cutscene will take over from there.

Once it ends, you’ll get the next part of the mission. We need to stop TK from making his getaway before the military arrives.

Case 5-2: The Getaway

TK is trying to get away in a helicopter and we need to stop him. This is a really quick fight once you have the tactics down. Go ahead and make a few painkillers at Juggz on the Platinum Strip if you don’t already have some. It’s good to be able to heal in case you make a mistake in the helicopter battle.

Cross over to the Fortune City Hotel and approach the elevators. A few of TK’s elite mercenaries are waiting by them, so be ready. Just hit them a few times with a nailbat or knife gloves and you should be fine. It’s a tight area and they don’t fire that frequently. Take the first few men out and wait by the elevator. One more man is coming down, so ambush him when the door opens. If you want, grab some of their weapons and then go into the elevator. Ride it to the top to trigger TK’s sudden escape.

The helicopter battle is actually really easy as soon as you get the rhythm.

The helicopter starts out right next to the winch and it’s at your level. It will overpower the winch with a little effort and swing around in front so that the machine gunner to fire on you. It will also sometimes curve over to the side of the rooftop.

The only way to damage the helicopter is by throwing things at it. There’s plenty of stuff on the rooftop, so you should be fine. Aim for the rotor to be sure that you hit it. Hitting the button on the winch will reel the helicopter back down to your level for some easy and free damage. It’s still possible to hit it when it’s free though.

Dead Rising 2 Walkthrough - The Helicopter Battle - One Very Cool Screenshot

The best thing that you can do is pick up a metal barricade and hit the helicopter with it. That managed to take off about half of its health in my first playthrough. The spotlights, traffic cones and briefcases will also work though..

If you use the winch, then you can keep the machine gunner aimed away from you. The only thing you have to watch out for then is the winch when it breaks free. The winch swings around and can hit Chuck if he doesn’t enter a roll or get off of the helipad.

That’s about it though. Just get a few good hits with some heavy stuff and TK’s helicopter will crash. If you’ve got the “roll” ability, then it’s really easy. Rinse and repeat the basic steps to destroy the helicopter and capture TK.

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