Dead Rising 2 Walkthrough - Case 3 - Stopping the Robberies

Dead Rising 2 Walkthrough - Case 3 - Stopping the Robberies
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Case 3-1: Boom Town

This is a big mission and you’ll definitely want to get it as soon as possible. Note that it’s basically a background mission that you can do in parts, so pick it up quick and work on it throughout the day.

Case 3-2: Run for the Money

This is pretty simple in concept and in execution. There are mercenaries breaking into the casino vaults across Fortune City. You need to kill the mercenaries and destroy their drilling machines.

Note that you really need to try and do these throughout the day. Don’t wait until the last minute, because you will receive a fourth heist once you destroy the third. You will not receive any extension to your time.

The actual process is pretty clear. There are mercenaries set up in the Cashier’s Rooms in the Yucatan, Slots Ranch and the Americana. In general, you’ll be able to spot the mercenaries by looking for their gunfire (the two door guards will have to hold off the nearby zombies).

Each one should have two door guards and at least 3-5 guards inside. They all have mercenary assault rifles. In general, just approach them at full health with a decent melee weapon. Smack around the two guards in front to kill them and grab their weapons. Use their guns and strafe through the cashier’s booth. Aim for the center mass to kill them. It takes about 10-20 bullets to finish one off, but the shots keep them stunned and each one drops a new gun. Just work quickly through the booth until you get to the drill. There’s usually a melee weapon by the drill, so you

Dead Rising 2 Walkthrough - Case 3-2: Run for the Money - Destroying the Drill

can use it to pound away at the drilling machine and destroy it. You’ll get a call after you destroy a drill reminding you to go after the other ones.

Once you take out the three teams, you’ll get a new notice about the heist outside of the Atlantica. Just go out onto the Silver Strip and approach the new armored van. There are several mercenaries protecting the van. They’re a real pain to approach due to the stunning effect of the bullets. Try to swing around and zig zag if you want to do a melee run. Otherwise, use one of the many guns that you picked up and get onto the raised fountain area. You should be able to shoot over the walls and pick them off in relative peace.

The van is a fair bit stronger than the normal drills, but you should be able to destroy it with several well placed bullets or swings. Sticking to the wall should avoid most of the zombies. Once it’s destroyed, your mission will be complete.


  • All information and screenshots from Dead Rising 2.

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