Dead Rising 2 Guide - Case 2

Dead Rising 2 Guide - Case 2
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Case 2-1: Signs of Life

This one starts off at 7:30 PM on the first day. You just need to be at the Saferoom on time for this one. Ideally you’ll time it so that it works with a survivor rescue, although the circumstances don’t really matter at all.

After the cutscene airs, you’ll have your new mission and a fair amount of time to do it in. Note that you’ll need to travel a fair ways, so give yourself some time.

Case 2-2: A Ticket to Ride - The Mercenaries

Note that you really shouldn’t bring any survivors to this mission. You have to abandon them for a period of time (in which they will take steady damage) and you’ll probably have to waste a lot of time waiting for them to catch up with you once you’re done. In general, I suggest that you do the mission first and grab survivors on the way back. This one shouldn’t take too long, besides the long run to the marked entrance to the Underground.

Once you reach the access point, go down to find TK and a few mercenaries. These mercenaries aren’t too tough and you just have to kill three. Their gunfire actually doesn’t do much damage, although it does stun Chuck. Approach them at a diagonal and smack them with a nailbat or something fairly strong. Hit them again as they get back up to kill them. You can also grab their assault rifles to make the next part a little easier.

Watch the cutscene to get access to a nice new bike. We’ve got a little trick riding to do.

Case 2-2: A Ticket to Ride - Catching TK’s Train

Dead Rising 2 Walkthrough - Case 2-2 - Jumping onto the Moving Train

There is no set trick to this one. The only real problem is that one of the mercenaries will toss air tanks off of the back off of the train. If you hit these (and you probably will) it will slow you down considerably and probably ruin a chance to jump onto the train.

The easiest way I found to jump onto the train was by catching up to the train itself. Don’t try to hit a jump perfectly and land on the end of the train. It’s possible but it’s tricky and frustrating. Just get even with it and hit a ramp near it. The maintenance tunnel ramps will place you slightly above the train, so you can just fall off of the ramp onto the train when it’s nearby. A cutscene will do the rest of the work.

Just use a good melee weapon to kill the first mercenary, since he’s close. After you have a little breathing room, you should be able to just use their assault rifles to clear out the train. Don’t worry about headshots. It’s easier to just hit their torsos with a few bursts and grab a new gun when you’re out of ammo. After you clear out the rest of the men, move up and approach the front car and engine to trigger the final cutscene. There’s nothing else that you can do. Just look for the nearest access back to the surface. If you’re stranded in the middle of a tunnel, look along the edges for a cart. That should speed things up a lot more. Walk out and up to the strip and enjoy your time off until the next case.

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