Dead Rising 2 Help: Case 4 - Killing the Twins

Dead Rising 2 Help: Case 4 - Killing the Twins
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Case 4-1: The Source

This is actually less of a story mission and basically just a psychopath fight. Along those lines, you will need to prepare for it. A lot of people seem to have trouble killing the Twins. It’s actually really easy to kill Amber and Crystal if you know what you’re doing. Mix up a few painkillers before the fight, if you want to make things easy. You can do this at Juggz on the Platinum strip or the Americana. To be honest, you can probably get by just by drinking all of the alcohol around the Shoal club during the fight with the Twins.

Bring a few guns. You’re next door to the Palisades Mall, so if you want this to be really easy just go to the gun store and pick up two shotguns (although there’s one shotgun next to the fight). Sniper rifles aren’t that great overall, since the Twins are too fast. Shotguns are surprisingly effective though. Bring a decent melee weapon too. A nailbat or knife gloves should be fine.

Of course, you can also grab the LMG from the center of the Yucatan (climb the statue and look in the dish). That will make the entire fight very easy.

Go up to the Shoal Nightclub in the Yucatan Casino and fight through the horde of zombies at the entrance. Note that there is another shotgun behind the register at the club’s entrance, if you really don’t want to go to Palisades.

Killing the Twins - Amber and Crystal

Dead Rising 2 Walkthrough - Case 4-1 - Killing the Twins (Amber and Crystal)

Step inside to start the fight. The Twins are very easy for a psychopath fight. They only have one real attack. They both use katanas and attack in unison (or try to do so). The two run around in opposite directions around the club and try to meet in the center for an attack run. If you don’t roll or jump out of the way, then they will knock Chuck down and take away a block or two of health. They’ll also run away before you can get up.

As I mentioned, there are several bottles of alcohol lying around and a few cocktails at the tables. Chuck will probably start vomiting, but that actually isn’t that bad. You might get caught at an unlucky point, but you can usually get lucky and pause in between attacks.

As for how to actually kill the twins, it’s easy. Focus on one. Just pick Amber or Crystal. You only have to kill one of the twins to end the actual fight. That’s the most important part. If you focus on one of them, it gets a whole lot easier. The second part is to use a shotgun or two against them. If you want, it actually isn’t that bad to stay in the center area and just blast away at one of the twins. You can then just shrug off the two bars of damage or get something to drink while they prepare for the next attack.

If you want to use melee weapons or avoid their attacks and save a little of your health, don’t chase them. Cut them off. If you try to chase them, you’ll probably just get caught by the other. If you cut across the dance floor and shave the corner, you’ll be able ot cut them off and do a few attacks and roll/jump away.

Amber and Crystal don’t actually have much health, so they should die quite quickly. Once one goes down, just watch the cutscene. You’re actually done with this case and cases in general for awhile. Your focus will probably switch to saving survivors and killing psychopaths for Day 3.

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