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    • A Useful Zombie Survival Guide - Dead Rising 2 Edition
      If you ever wanted to run around a big colorful landscape and punch zombies in the face, then this is the game for you. We'll cover all the missions, cover how to rescue the survivors and kill the psychopaths and even take a look at the different and wacky weapons that you can build.
    • Dead Rising 2 - Solving Case 7
      Dead Rising 2 is coming to a close. We need to figure out what's going on with the gas zombies though. This means a trip down to the research labs in the underground tunnels. I'll help you secure the research and fight your way out of the makeshift underground lab full of gas zombies.
    • Dead Rising 2 - Solving Case 6
      The military rescue has failed. Chuck needs to rescue Rebecca and stop the breach in the Safe Room while he comes up with Plan B. You've also got a lot of newly mutated gas zombies to deal with as you handle this case. But don't worry, I've got you covered.
    • Dead Rising 2 - Solving Case 3
      Case 3 is where things really start to heat up in Dead Rising 2. We'll need to take out TK's mercenaries before they rob the vaults of the main casinos. I'll cover how to fight through the mercenaries and destroy their drills in the cashier boxes.
    • Dead Rising 2: How to Find the Psychopath Combo Cards
      This Dead Rising 2: Psychopath Combo Cards guide outlines how to obtain both cards acquired from slaying deranged psychopaths who dare to cross Chuck Greene.
    • Guide to Case 4 in Dead Rising 2
      Case 4 in Dead Rising 2 boils down to a unique psychopath fight. You will need to kill the katana-wielding twins in the Shoal Nightclub above the Yucatan in order to save Rebecca Chang from her source. If you need some help killing the twins, read on.
    • Review: Dead Rising 2: Case West
      An expansion to one of the most popular of the xBox 360 games Dead Rising: Case West takes you to the source of the most recent zombie outbreak and tell a lot about the game's world and gives you access to both new areas, new weapons and most importantly the ability to play coop.
    • Dead Rising 2 Case Zero Walkthrough - Finding Zombrex (Part 1)
      It's been two years since the zombie outbreak in Willamette. A fresh outbreak festers in Las Vegas, rendering it an undead war-zone. Former motocross star Chuck Greene has escaped with his daughter Katey, but not without consequence. Our walkthrough will guide you and Chuck through the zombie horde.
    • Dead Rising 2 Case Zero Walkthrough - Rescuing Survivors (Part 4)
      Chuck and Katey Greene aren't alone in the struggle against the undead in Still Creek. Lost, afraid, and surrounded by zombies, the other survivors are going to need Chuck's help if they hope to survive the day.
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