Dead Rising 2 Guide - Gifts for Katey

Dead Rising 2 Guide - Gifts for Katey
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Dead Rising 2 Walkthrough - Giving Gifts to Katey

Chuck can give several different gifts to Katey throughout Dead Rising 2. Giving Katey a gift will put it into a display spot in the security room, which decorates things nicely and makes a few story scenes a little funny, and also nets you 10,000 PP. Some of these gifts are so easy to get that it’s practically just free experience.

In order to give Katey a gift, put it into your hands and approach her in the security room. You should get an option to give the item to her. Note that there may be small blocks of time before her Zombrex injections when you won’t be able to give her anything. This is just because the game assumes that you want to give her Zombrex. Just wait a few moments and give her the zombrex, then the gift.

Note also, that Katey will not accept damaged gifts. Do not use her gifts as weapons.

Gifts for Katey - 4 Easy Gifts

I’ll classify these as easy gifts, since you can just pick them up and put them in your inventory. All you have to give up is a space for a healing item or weapon. Considering the payoff, it’s worth it.

Ye Old Toybox has three of these easy gifts, and it’s inside the Royal Flush Plaza. Just look under the escalator by the big craps game. You can get a bag of marbles, a stick pony and a beach ball here. Put them all in the inventory to secure them for Katey.

The water gun is the odd man out. You can pick up a water gun out of the fountain just outside of the Royal Flush Plaza exit, or grab one in Moe’s Maginations (the pawn shop on the strip).

Gifts for Katey - 5 Hard Gifts

There are a number of more difficult to obtain gifts for Katey. These are all big stuffed animals that cannot be put into your inventory. It’s actually not that hard to get them back. Most of the stores are very close to the Safe Room and you can always grab one as you escort survivors back, but it takes a little effort to dodge zombies while holding a massive stuffed bunny.

You can grab a giant robot bear from the Astonishing Illusions located across from the Safe Room.

You can get a giant stuffed elephant from the nearby, Stylin’ Toddlers too.

In order to get the Bull and Donkey, you’ll need to go upstairs in the Royal Flush Plaza. The giant stuffed bull is in the window of the Children’s Castle store. The Donkey is in the nearby kid’s clothing store, Small Fry Duds.

The most difficult stuffed animal to get is the giant stuffed rabbit. There should always be a few in Moe’s Maginations, so you can pick one up while grabbing the water gun if you want. It’s a fairly long haul to get it back to the safe room though. If you want, you can get a giant rabbit while also getting some zombrex from a hidden location. If you go into the Americana Casino, look for a large bar/restaurant with a second story. Go up to the second story and look out toward the exit to the Royal Flush Plaza. You should be able to climb onto the raised ledge and jump out to one of the decorative lights. If you continue to make these jumps (aim straight at the hanging light, so that you can still grab on if you fall short). At the end of the chain of lights is a hidden platform with some weapons, money, zombrex and a giant stuffed rabbit. If you drop down, you’ll be right next to the exit for the Royal Flush Plaza and you’ll be quite close to the Safe Room.

Gifts for Katey - 2 Special Ones

Dead Rising 2 Guide - Katey’s Gifts - Snowflake

Just to make getting the Father of the Year achievement tough, two of the gifts for Katey can only be found through other missions.

Snowflake is the first one. Taming Snowflake is an entirely separate article. Just know that after you save Snowflake, she’ll wind up in the security office of the Safe Room. Approach Snowflake to give her to Katey.

The other gift is only available after at least a day or so. You will wind up with a quest for Art Appreciation. In this one, you’ll come across an artist who refuses to leave the gallery until you buy his painting. Go ahead and pay him the fairly small sum and pick it up. While it’s satisfying to bust it over a zombie’s head, put the Funny Painting into your inventory for safe keeping until you can give it to Katey. This will probably be the final gift for the Father of the Year award.