Dead Rising 2 Walkthrough - Case 6-1 - Help Arrives

Dead Rising 2 Walkthrough - Case 6-1 - Help Arrives
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Case 6-1 - Help Arrives

Who would have thought that that wouldn’t go well. It seems that our rescue has fizzled out and Fortune City is now filled with extra tough gas zombies.

Let’s just cover the gas zombies first. These are super zombies. They’re a fair bit faster (I hope that you got some speed upgrades when you leveled up), they’re much more aggressive, they can resist more damage and you’ll need to do an extra step in your QTE to escape from their grabs.

The good news is that anything that has a devastating attack still works fine. For example, broadswords will still cut them in half. So will gem swords. Knife gloves also seem to work well for cutting through the crowds.

The other good news is that you have a ton of time. You have a full day for two fairly easy cases and the last bit of overtime. The zombies are the only real threat for once.

Note that you’re heading into a psychopath fight and that getting up and down the strip will be a real pain from now on.

The best secret I found during overtime was that Juggz, by the movie theater on the Platinum Strip, is a small sanctuary. The bar at the Americana may be overrun, but you can go into Juggz and mix up four painkillers in peace using the beers on the table and the bottles of whisky. Zombies just don’t seem to wander into Juggz, and the bar is fairly well sealed off.

Dead Rising 2 Walkthrough - Getting Past the Gas Zombies

As for reaching Rebecca Chang, she’s hiding in the new underground tunnel access. It’s at the end of the Platinum Strip, just past the Hawaiian restaurant. A hummer crashed into the gate, so you can now slip under it. Bring a nail bat or knife gloves if you like melee. If you plan to use guns, make sure you pick up a LMG.

In order to make it there, just use the old horde tactics. Stick to the left side of the strip to avoid the bulk of the horde for now. There should also be a utility cart aong the sidewalk on the left side. If you can start pushing it, you’ll be able to cut right through most of the horde outside the Yucatan and reach the gate. If you have inventory space, you may want to grab some beers from the restaurant you pass, but that’s about it.

Case 6-2 - Last Stand


Dead Rising 2 Walkthrough - Killing the Crazy Soldier

gt. Boykin is having a pretty bad day (Severe dissociation, if you want get clinical) and it seems like he’s pretty far gone. We can’t save him, so we need to take him out so that we can save Rebecca.

Sgt. Boykin has a few attacks. He primarily sticks to using his LMG, even at a fairly close range. If you put much distance between Chuck and the soldier, he’ll stick to the gun and throw grenades. Note that he usually calls out when he’s throwing a grenade, so you have plenty of warning to run over to a different place of cover. You can even try throwing them back if you’re quick enough.

Occasionally he’ll just unleash a steady barrage down the center of the room. You just need to get behind one of the shipping crates, or if you’re daring, approach him from the side and attack him.

He can also stop to get ammo, shoot dead zombies or give new orders to his “men.” This is just an opportunity for a free attack.

The only real problem is his close range counter attack, which is something to behold. If you get close enough to hit Sgt. Boykin, he’ll stop firing and try to bash you with his gun. If this attack connects, you’ll be paralyzed on the ground for a moment while he runs up and fires into you at point blank range. This usually ends with the added touch of Boykin picking Chuck up and throwing him across the room. Don’t get hit, is what I’m trying to say. This combo can take three or four blocks away and end the fight really quickly.

Dead Rising 2 - Case 6-2 - Last Stand and Sgt. Boykins

That said, you have a few good options. If you bring an LMG or few of your own guns with you, it’s possible to just duel it out with him. His gunfire isn’t actually that big of a deal and you just just run away from his grenades. On this note, guns are actually a decent option even for melee fighters, at least for getting in some early damage.

If you run behind the humvee that Rebeca is inside, you can find at least two assault rifles on the dead soldiers near it. These are a little better than the mercenary models and have 60 shots each. If you do short focused bursts, then you can chip away about 30% of his health quite easily.

If you plan to go for the melee route, then bring a few painkillers and either a nailbat or some knife gloves. As tough as Sgt. Boykins counterattack is, note that it is also really slow, especially for the level you should be at by this point in the story (I’d be shocked if anyone was below 25). You should actually be able to just approach him and get him to start the long swing. If you roll away or jump back, you should be able to avoid the swing and get in two solid hits before he recovers.

If you can keep baiting him into attacking, it’s actually pretty easy. After repeating this trick a few times, Sgt. Boykin should die.

Case 6-3 - Lean on Me

Dead Rising 2 Walkthrough - Lean on Me - Case 6-3

The heart of this is pretty simple. You need to get Rebecca Chang back to the safe room, and you have to carry her (unless you have the Leadership book, which is in the bingo hall on the Silver Strip. It’s easy to grrab it if you have an inventory slot to spare). Note that carrying Rebecca offers a fair degree of protection against the gas zombies, so you may want to carry her anyway.

You have a few options for escaping. If you really don’t want to go outside again, you can drive through the tunnels on a cart for a bit and find another exit closer to the Royal Flush Plaza, although this may make you miss the last two survivors.

Note that you can use one of the golf carts near the marked exit (the one you entered to get inside the tunnels. You can drive the cart through the hole in the gate, which means that you can take the little cart out onto the strip. Note that it breaks really easily, so try to stick to the edges for the most part. It’s a really easy way to get Rebecca past the mutated zombies though and you can probably make it to the Royal Flush Plaza entrance with it.

If you want data miner, then make sure that you stop by the large rock formation near the entrance to the Royal Flush Plaza. There are two surviving soldiers making a last stand inside. You need to drop any guns that you’re carrying (and their definition of gun seems to be pretty wide, so go ahead and ditch any toy guns too). One will need an shoulder to lean on, so you will probably have to trade off between Rebecca and him if you want to make it back with both of them in a timely manner. Once you get inside the Royal Flush Plaza, it shouldn’t be too hard to get your survivors to the Safe Room.

Case 6-4 - Breach

Dead Rising 2 - Case 6-4 Sealing the Blast Doors and Protecting the Safe House

Okay, things aren’t going well. The blast doors are open and zombies are filling the safe room. Grab a weapon and get ready to do a very important fetch quest. Don’t try to kill all of the zombies. Your survivors will be just fine, and in fact, your friendly fire is a much bigger danger than the zombies. Just move fast and try to get the blast doors closed quickly.

Start out by running for the generator. Take a left from the blast doors and run down the steps. You should be able to see the big generator fairly easily. Run through any holes in the horde that your survivors created and then set it down by the panel.

We should probably get the spool of wire next. It’s the most distant one. Go past the spot where you got the generator and keep going further in the lower level. Keep an eye out for a side platform that’s just a bit lower. The big spool of wire should be in the back corner of this secluded area. Grab it and run back.

The gas barrel is actually to the right of the blast door, so use your weapon to cut a gap into the horde and burst though. Just follow the hallway until you find the gas barrel in the corner. Run it back to the panel to finish the rig.

Kill any zombies that might try to interrupt you, then start hacking the panel. Jam the appropriate button down to overpower the doors and resecure the bunker. Once the door is shut, you’ll be done. The cleanup will happen through a cutscene.


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