Dead Rising 2 Guide - Killing TK in Overtime Mode

Dead Rising 2 Guide - Killing TK in Overtime Mode
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Overtime Mode - TK’s Errands

TK’s wants us to do a bit of shopping for him. We need to pick up a bunch of different items from across the city. Grab a nailbat or two to help fight through the gas zombies while you run your errands. Don’t be afraid of wearing them out. You won’t be able to carry anything into the final fight with TK, so go ahead and use up what you have.

Note that the arrows are worthless for actually finding the items quickly. While time isn’t a big deal, it is good to limit the amount of time that we are exposed to gas zombies.

Start out by going into Roy’s Mart and grab the lab coat. I suggest that you cut back through the Royal Flush Plaza and run through to the Americana. Go into the security room to get the compromising photo. Leave the Americana and go into the Fortune City Hotel so that you can grab a gift basket. Go through the South Plaza and use the underground tunnel access. Use the map to find the USB drive (it’s basically just laying out somewhere) and then go into the research lab to get the case of queens. Use the elevator at the back of the lab to wind up back on the strip.

Fight your way over to the marked pub on the strip to get the expensive champagne. The last thing to do is to go to the elevators in the Yucatan and get the cell phone. Once you pick it up, you will get a call from TK asking you to come to the Arena to drop it all off.

I suggest that you think about one last helpful option. While you can’t take anything into the Arena with you, TK can’t strip you of health effects. If you drink a painkiller right before you go through the marked doors to the main arena, you will still have the damage protection for the majority of the fight. It can really make it easier for a lower level player.

Along that note, you definitely need to save at one of the restrooms. You do not want to have to collect all of these items again.

Overtime Tactics - Killing TK


Dead Rising 2 Walkthrough - Killing TK in Overtime

know that a lot of people had trouble with this fight, but it’s really pretty easy once you understand the rhythm.

TK will come out and try to figh tyou using his mike as his main weapon. Near the end of his attacks, he’ll probably try to charge you. This is potentially a brutal attack, unless you can beat the QTEs. In that case, it won’t do much damage and you’ll even be able to counter it. After a brief fight, TK will retreat over the side. This is the bulk of TK’s actions.

If you try to run around on the other segments of the cages, then TK will use the fireworks to burn you. It isn’t too difficult to dodge the sequence though. That said, I didn’t have to bother with it, since you should have all the equipment that you need in the main area.

On another note, don’t worry that much about pull Stacey and Katey back up. Unless you really drag your feet, you should be able to kill TK before they get killed. Don’t worry about it until they’re pretty low. Even then, you are usually able to pull them fairly far up while TK is gone.

There are a few options for actually killing TK. If you want, you can just use your hand-to-hand combos. TK is a little slow, so you should be able to get several punches before you have to jump back to avoid his attack. You can also use jump kicks and drop kicks to stun him. If you manage to do a fair bit of damage to TK, he’ll actually just retreat without a big closing attack.

The easier option is to just grab a weapon and hit him. There should always be a big wrench on one of the raised walls. Just jump up and grab it. It packs a big punch, but it’s not too heavy or too slow. You should be able to hit and then roll away before TK counters. The lead pipe should work alright. The power drill is a surprisingly good weapon too. The drill’s attack has a basic stun to it, so you can use it to chain up a bunch of attacks on TK if you catch him right.

Also note that if you’re good at the QTE, you can just let TK charge you and avoid almost all of the damage. Since this will leave TK stunned for several seconds, it can be worth it to just take the slight damage from the charge in return for a few solid hits on TK.

Don’t forget about the boxes in the main area too. Grab the bottle of orange juice and then start jumping on the boxes. You should be able to find another bottle of orange juice, and it’s possible to find a crowbar. If you can get a crowbar, then you’re basically set for the rest of the fight.

Just take it slow and save the orange juice for when you need it. If you can make your healing items last and use the weapons close to you, then you’ll be fine.

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