Dead Rising 2 Walkthrough - Case 7 - The Underground Tunnels and the Scientists

Dead Rising 2 Walkthrough - Case 7 - The Underground Tunnels and the Scientists
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Case 7-1: Bad to Worse

This is a fairly simple objective, or it would be if the entire map wasn’t filled with deadly gas zombies. We need to get down into the underground tunnels and track down the research lab. Note that you don’t have to use the marked entrance point. You can go in through the closest access if you want, although the entrance at the Palisades has a bit of an advantage. You will be able to find a motorbike at the entrance and use it to quickly reach the marked and sealed door. If you go through any other entrance, you’ll have to either stay on foot or use the very weak golf carts to get around.

Regardless of how you do it, move over to the marked location by the giant blast doors. You can use the side panel to trigger the next case and unlock the research lab. It seems like the outbreak was a little more complicated than we thought.

Note: You’ll have to decide whether to give TK Zombrex or not. Note that you have to give him Zombrex if you want the true and “best” ending. The pawn shops are still open if you need to buy some.

Case 7-2: The Only Lead

Dead Rising 2 Walkthrough - Case 7 - The Scientists and the Research Lab

Thankfully you won’t have to kill all of these gas zombies. In fact, you can grab one of those nice mega blasters and use it to instant kill any gas zombies that you can hit. Note that it will only stun normal zombies and humans.

The mercenaries in the research lab are all well armed, but Chuck should be fairly strong by this point. Just climb up either of the stacks of equipment and jump over the gap to get onto the raised platform above the harvesting pit. You can just run around and use melee to quickly take out the mercenaries, or you can grab one of their guns and pick them off. As usual, aim for the chest and just grab new rifles as you kill mercenaries.

There are some snacks and drinks around, so heal up if you need to do so. When you’re ready, walk over to the closed lab to find the two scientists. This is technically a boss fight, but Mark and Pearce are not too tough. They just have pistols and they don’t have anywhere to run. You should be able to just rush them and kill them with a few hits. Once they’re dead, Chuck will secure the keycard and the laptop. You can now use the elevator in back to get out to the main strip close to the area behind the stage. It’s a decent exit point, so I suggest that you go ahead and do it.

Case 7-3: What Lies Beneath

We’ve got our evidence and the truth. It’s time to get it back to Rebecca to report the information and call in a private rescue force. You should already have your own methods to get past the gas zombies, so just work your way through the Royal Flush Plaza and into the Safe Room. If you want to give TK Zombrex, then you have to do it now. You won’t really have much of a chance in the next section of the game.

Return to the security room to advance the story to the big finale.


  • All information and screenshots from Dead Rising 2.

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