Dead Rising 2: Psychopath Combo Cards Guide - Tough Guy Achievement

Dead Rising 2: Psychopath Combo Cards Guide - Tough Guy Achievement
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Zombies aren’t the most dangerous threat in Fortune City. Lurking in the shadows and abandoned casinos are psychopaths; they are fellow survivors whose minds have become unhinged at the sight of thousands of people succumbing to undeath. The stark reality of a zombie outbreak setting in will do that to the human psyche.

Fighting and defeating psychopaths has its rewards however, whether its rescuing their captive survivors or gaining access to their arsenal of weaponry. A select few will even leave behind a combo card, the most sought-after prize of all. There are two Dead Rising 2: Psychopath Combo Cards to collect, and earning them both unlocks the Tough Guy achievement.

Everyone Knows Slappy

The first case you’ll want to watch for is “Everyone Knows Slappy”. You receive the call for it during Day 2 at 12 p.m. in-game time. Since this is a psychopath battle, you’ll want to make sure you’re appropriately stocked up on weapons and health items before heading out. Shotguns and sniper rifles work well, but having a powerful melee weapon as backup is a good idea too. Once sufficiently prepared, proceed to Kid’s Choice Clothing, located on the 2nd floor of the north end of Palisades Mall.


Slappy is a little upset. Slappy is really a young man named Brent, whose girlfriend-to-be was killed by the undead. He recognizes Chuck from the news footage claiming he is to blame for the Fortune City outbreak, so to be specific he is a little upset with Chuck. Predictably, he gets aggressive and the battle begins.

He utilizes a flamethrower and roller-blades to circle Chuck and bathe him in fire. If you duck into a store, you may gain a temporary reprieve, but he will start to shoot out explosive fireballs in your direction. Keep your distance and pick away at him with a sniper rifle, or for a quicker but more dangerous route, get up close and personal with a shotgun. Once he is dead, you’ll get the combo card for Flamethrower (Water Gun + Gasoline).

World’s Most Dangerous Trick

You’ll get the call for this case during Day 4 at 12 a.m. in-game time. Similar tactics to those employed in other psychopath battles apply here, so stock up on shotguns and a sniper rifle before heading to the Atlantica Casino. There will be two psychopaths here to dispatch: Reed and Roger, a pair of washed-up magicians. You’ll tackle them both simultaneously, and they both wield different weaponry.

Reed fires at you with a makeshift rocket launcher, so use your dodge move accordingly; his attacks stun you, so you’ll want to avoid it completely when possible. His attack is much less effective at a distance, so keep back and whittle his health away with a sniper rifle. Roger comes at you close-range with swords, so draw him in and unleash a shotgun barrage. His movements are fairly predictable and he shouldn’t pose much of a threat.

Once both psychopaths have shuffled the mortal coil, you’ll get the combo card for Rocket Launcher (Fireworks + Lead Pipe).

Now that both psychopath combo cards are in your possession, you’ll unlock the Tough Guy achievement.