Dead Rising 2: Survivor Combo Cards Guide – Life Saver Achievement

Dead Rising 2: Survivor Combo Cards Guide

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Rescuing survivors in Fortune City can be a thankless endeavor, but a scant few will repay your kindness. Some will give Chuck cash, while others relay tips, tricks and shortcut routes. By far the best possible reward for your courageous efforts are additional combo cards, and there are a total of four obtained by securing survivors, spread across three cases. Being awarded all four cards also nets the Life Saver achievement, so let’s start tracking down the stranded denizens of Fortune City.

Dead Rising 2: Survivor Combo Cards Guide – Rock Heroes

The first case that earns a survivor combo card is "Rock Heroes", which begins during Day 2 at 4 a.m. in-game time. Once you get the call, make your way to Silver Strip. Head north towards the Yucatan Casino entrance until the unmistakable sounds of heavy rock music permeate the dull roar of zombie groans. You’ll find the three members of goth band Angel Lust playing on stage, oblivious to the outbreak surrounding them.

Climb onto the stage, and repeatedly speak to the singer, Jeanna, until you convince her they should stop playing and head for safety. They’ll close the concert with a sonic riff loud enough to burst the heads of all nearby zombies, easing your hasty exit. Lead Jeanna, Floyd and Allen back to the safe house. On arrival, Floyd will hand over the combo card for Power Guitar (Electric Guitar + Amplifier).

Dead Rising 2: Survivor Combo Cards Guide – Tape It Or Die 1

KokoNutz Sports Town

This case starts during Day 3 at 6 a.m. in-game time. You will not get a call regarding this case, so at the appropriate time head to KokoNutz Sports Town in the Palisades Mall. On the ground level you’ll find a door in the back that is normally locked, but will be accessible at the time this case begins. The door leads to a back room where four individuals are holed up, running an underground website called Tape It Or Die. Their website features combination weapons, a topic near and dear to Chuck’s heart.

Though they will refuse to leave with you, they’ll offer to make you a combo weapon if you bring them the components. They want you to fetch a cement saw and a stack of plates. The plates can be found in the kitchen of Cucina Donnacci, and cement saws are lying around the unfinished South Plaza. Bring both items to Wallace and he will give you the combo card for Plate Launcher (Plates + Cement Saw).

Note: To avoid confusion, this case has nothing to do with the Tape It Or Die! achievement. That achievement is tied to the secret combo card, a guide for which can be found here.

Dead Rising 2: Survivor Combo Cards Guide – Tape It Or Die 2

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The second Tape It Or Die case starts during Day 4 at 9:15 a.m. in-game time. You will only receive a call about this case if you successfully completed Tape It Or Die 1. Head back to KokoNutz Sports Town where Wallace, Lance, Gretchen and Johnny are being overwhelmed by undead. Thin the zombies’ numbers, then lead the quartet back to the safe house. On arrival, Lance awards you the combo card for Blazing Aces (Tennis Racquet + Tiki Torch) and Wallace gives you the card for Exsanguinator (Saw Blade + Vacuum Cleaner).

Complete all three cases and enjoy the Life Saver achievement!

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