Dead Rising 2: Unlock the Secret Combo Card & the Tape it or Die! Achievement

Dead Rising 2: Unlock the Secret Combo Card & the Tape it or Die! Achievement
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Combo cards are Chuck’s bread and butter when it comes to zombie razing, and collecting them is one of the chief objectives in Dead Rising 2. There are 50 cards to acquire in all, though many players are likely to reach 49 cards, then be totally stumped as to the location of the final card. The reason for this is that there is a secret combo card that can only be obtained by first creating the combination weapon that corresponds to the card.

The secret combo card is called Wingman, and the components for it don’t have the standard green wrench icon to indicate they can be used in weapon creation. Unlocking the secret combo card also grants the Tape It Or Die! achievement; humorously, the achievement description reads “Discovered The Secret Combo Card. Did You Cheat By Checking Online?” If you’re currently reading this Dead Rising 2: Secret Combo Card guide, then I suppose we know the answer to that question.

Dead Rising 2: Secret Combo Card Components

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The first ingredient required to forge Wingman is a queen. Queens are insects that are found on specific zombies throughout Fortune City. You can spot a zombie with a queen by its behavior; they will be attempting to swat something off the back of their necks. Dispatch the zombie and the queen will be dislodged, buzzing around the undead corpse.

Once captured, the jar that houses the queen can be smashed near a horde to destroy any zombies within a few feet. Hold off on using it though as we need it to complete the Wingman combination. If you’re having trouble locating a queen, keep in mind that they only start appearing during Day 2 of 72-Hour Mode.

The second ingredient we need is called nectar. Nectar is a mixed drink, and needs to be made in a blender. There is a blender in almost every zone of Fortune City, but we recommend heading to the Food Court as the items needed to mix nectar can be found there. Jelly beans and beer are what we need; jelly beans are found in Lombardi’s, and multiple beers are in Wild West Grill House. Take them both to the blender in Rojo Diablo Mexican Restaurant to make nectar. A handful of alternate recipes are detailed in our Dead Rising 2: Mixed Drinks guide.

Dead Rising 2: Secret Combo Card Combination

Now that you have a queen and nectar, take both components to a maintenance room. Combine them on the work bench, and Wingman will be created. Immediately after creating the weapon, the combo card and the Tape It Or Die! achievement will unlock. The weapon itself is very powerful; unleash it near a crowd of zombies, and it will zip around to different zombies, stinging them and exploding their heads violently. Each undead killed this way yields 500 Prestige Points (PP).

Enjoy your new toy and the Tape It Or Die! achievement.

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