Telekinesis Framework in Champions Online - Kinetic Dart and Telekinesis

Telekinesis Framework in Champions Online - Kinetic Dart and Telekinesis
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Definition of Terms - Champions Online Powers

Energy Builder** \- This is basically your auto attack. It deals some damage but it is primarily there to generate energy for your other attacks.
  • Close Attack - A melee range attack.
  • Close Area Attack - Melee range or PBAoE attack.
  • Ranged Attack - An attack made at range.
  • Ranged Area Attack - An area effect attack made from range.
  • Buffs - Enhancements to yourself or allies.
  • Healing - Ability that heals self or others, or resurrects.
  • Crowd Control - Abilities that control, hold, root, or snare your opponent.
  • Summon - An ability that summons a pet to assist you.
  • Block - A block enhancing shield.
  • Tier 0 - An ability you can take without taking any other powers in the set.
  • Tier 1 - You must have 1 other power from that set, or 2 from any other set before taking the power.
  • Tier 2 - You must have 3 other powers from that set, or 5 from any other set before taking the power.
  • Tier 3 - You must have 5 other power from that set, or 8 from any other set before taking the power.

Telekinesis - Energy Builder

Kinetic Dart (Tier 0) - Many consider this to be the best and fastest energy builder in the game. A good energy builder always gets a set off to a great start, as it means you are not forced to pick up an energy builder elsewhere along with a possible wasted early power as you try and move up the tiers before going into your primary framework.

It is especially nice that while telekinesis is largely a melee based set (for damage at least), it has a ranged energy builder. Ranged energy builders tend to have less situations where you are desperate for energy but have trouble getting it because you are out of melee range.

Telekinesis - Ranged Attack

telekinesis cool but not useful

Telekinesis (Tier 1) - Calling this a ranged attack is somewhat pushing it. This ability allows you to pick up objects using your EGO stat rather than your STRENGTH stat, and you can do it from 50 feet. You can then throw the object at a target. This sounds cool, and it would be great, but there are issues. First, the process is a bit clunky and unresponsive. Second, the object will not move with you once picked up, which is a shame. Third, the objects love to explode against random, small obstructions rather than at your foe. All in all, this is a great idea for a power that needs some work and sprucing up.

Telekinesis - Close Attack

Article Image

Ego Weaponry (Tier 0) - This is a basic single target attack with your light saber… I mean ego sword. Ego Form or Ego Surge will activate Id Blades, which creates a second blade whose damage scales on your Ego stat. This is a COMBO POWER, which means for maximum damage you will want to hammer at this button madly hoping to chain it 3 times in a row.

Advantages of Note: Thought Sever adds an energy drain to this attack.

  • Variable ego damage based on buff and position in chain (88, 88, 250, or 119, 156, 204).
  • 6.7 energy.
  • 0.6 sec activation.

ego annihilation 2

Ego Blade Breach (Tier 3) - Single target attack that applies an damage debuff to the target. Applies Ego Leech to the target. If the target is not killed for 10 seconds, on its death it will return energy. Ego Form and Ego Surge activate Id Blades, creating a second blade. Damage and energy cost are increased with Charge.

Advantages of Note: Domineering Will causes this to add a stun if the attack is blocked.

  • 131-301 ego damage.
  • 31-59 energy.
  • 1.3 sec charge.
  • 0.67 sec activation.
  • -10% all paranormal resistance for 15 sec.

ego annihilation 3

Ego Annihilation (Tier 3) - Powerful single target attack that gets an additional damage boost when foe is under 25% health (a finisher). Applies Ego Leech (See: Ego Blade Breach). Ego Form and Ego Surge activate Id Blades, creating a second blade. Id Blade damage in parenthesis.

  • 115 (134) ego damage. 346 (401) ego damage when target below 25% health.
  • 23 energy.
  • 0.67 sec activation.

Telekinesis - Buff

Ego Surge (Tier 2) - Turns Ego Blade attacks into Id Blade, manifesting a second blade. Id Blade damage scales with your Ego stat. Increases all paranormal damage. Assists in breaking out of holds and paralysis effects. Can be used while held or confused. Counts as an Energy Form.

Advantages of Note: Nimble MInd greatly enhances your critical strike chance.

  • +42% paranormal damage.
  • Deals 1,765 Break Free damage to effects.
  • Enables Id Blades mode for 12 sec.
  • 1 min 29 sec cooldown.

ego form 2

Ego Form (Tier 2) - Can be slotted in an offensive or balanced passive slot. Reduces all incoming physical damage. This reduction scales with CONSTITUTION stat. Enables Id Blade mode, manifesting a second blade and causing all Blade damage to scale with Ego. Counts as an Energy Form.

  • +6% all physical damage resistance (at level 40 with no talents/super stats in CON or EGO).

  • Enables Id Blades mode.

Telekinesis - Close Area Attack

telekinetic maelstrom

Ego Blade Frenzy (Tier 1) - Deals continuous ego blade damage to targets in front of you. Ego Form and Ego Surge activate Id Blades, creating a second blade. Damage dealt by Id Blades scales with EGO stat. Chance to apply Ego Leech (See: Ego Blade Breach).

  • 89-133 (103-155) ego damage.
  • 16 energy initially. 11 energy per 0.5 sec.
  • 0.67 sec activation.
  • 90 degree cone.
  • 5.9 sec cooldown.

Telekinetic Eruption (Tier 2) - Deals ego damage to nearby targets. Charge increases damage and energy cost. If charged over 50%, it applies a damage resistance buff and an ego damage dealing buff. Has a chance for knockback.

  • 150-571 ego damage.

  • 78-145 energy.

  • 2 sec charge.

  • 0.83 sec activation.

  • 25 foot sphere.

  • +17% ego damage strength for 0-15 sec. (on 50%+ charge)

  • +15% all damage resistance to self for 0-15 sec. (on 50%+ charge)

  • 50% chance to knock back foe 17 feet. (on 50%+ charge)

Telekinetic Maelstrom (Tier 3) - Summons stones from the earth and then deals crushing damage to nearby targets. Applies Ego Leech to targets hit (See: Ego Blade Breach). Charge increases damage and energy cost. Applies hold to each target hit. (Power shown in picture above).

Advantages of Note: Expansive Intellect increases the radius of the AoE.

  • 188-607 ego damage.

  • 71-167 energy.

  • 2 sec charge.

  • 0.83 sec activation.

  • 10 foot sphere.

  • 20 sec recharge.

  • 3 hold for 6.7 sec.

Telekinesis - Block

telekinetic shield

Telekinetic Shield (Tier 1) - A block replacement, enhancing ability. For more information, see Guide to Blocking and Shield Powers in Champions Online Online. The telekinetic shield has a lingering effect by default. This means some of the damage resistance persists for a few seconds after you stop blocking. The in game description says the lingering effect only blocks frontal attacks, but right now it works against all attacks. There are rumors that the devs have said the lingering effect is a bug, but my opinion is that the only bug is the non-functionality of the frontal attack limitation. WIthout the linger effect, there would be nothing special about this shield at all. Furthermore, since it lacks any special advantages (other thank ranks 2 and 3) there would be absolutely no point in using this block enhancement shield.

Telekinesis - Ranged Area Attack

telekinetic wave

Telekinetic Wave (Tier 2) - Deals crushing damage to foes in front of you in a cone area effect. Has a knockback effect. Applies Ego Leech to targets hit (See: Ego Blade Breach). Charge increases damage and knockback distance.

Advantages of Note: Psychic Tides lowers the energy equilibrium of targets for 1-20 sec. This has use in PvP, but virtually no PvE use.

  • 150-394 crushing damage.
  • 53-88 energy.
  • 1.17 sec charge.
  • 0.83 sec activation.
  • 35 foot range, 30-120 degree cone.
  • 20 sec cooldown.
  • Knocks back 11-37 feet.

Telekinesis - Crowd Control

ego choke

Ego Choke (Tier 2) - Ranged maintain ego damage and hold. Unleash your inner Darth Vader with this attack. It deals continuous crushing damage and the strength of the hold increases the longer you maintain the choke. This power will ensure that your foes know you are find their lack of faith, disturbing.

Advantages of Note: Garroting Grip reduces the offensive capabilities of your target for a short duration. Aside from duels, this is not terribly useful. Depending on how well it works in cosmic and legendary villains, there may be an end game boss use from this debuff.

  • 59-110, then 59-128 crushing damage (based on pulse).

  • 18 energy initially, 7.3 energy per 1 sec.

  • 0.67 sec activation.

  • 50 foot range.

  • 15 sec cooldown.

  • 0.5 hold for 14 sec.

ego hold

Ego Hold (Tier 2) - This hold lifts your foe off the ground and wraps it in an undulating field of mental energy. This power must be maintained for at least 0.5 sec to take effect. The strength of the hold depends on the duration of the charge.

Advantages of Note: Mass Effect causes enemies near the one held to become slowed.

  • 36 energy.
  • 2 sec charge.
  • 0.83 sec activation.
  • 50 foot range.
  • 9.8 sec cooldown.
  • 0-2 hold for 12 sec.

A Final Note about the Telekinesis Framework - The Pink Is Burning My Eyes!

A common concern about the telekinesis framework is the day-glo pink color its powers. As you can see in a few of the screenshots in this article, you can change the color to suit your own preferences. It should be noted that the powers will still be a brighter, more fluoresecent version of whatever you choose. The screenshot in the Ego Form power description was set to a dark blue, and the pink shown in many of these screenshots is not only the default, but also what you get if you choose dark red.

So keep that in mind, but do not be worried that pink is the only option.