Power Frameworks Guide for Champions Online

Power Frameworks Guide for Champions Online
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Champions Online Powers

Although you can choose any of the Champions Online powers any time you want, your framework will get you started on whatever direction you want to take your champion. With seventeen different frameworks to choose from, how do you narrow it down to just one? Read through our Power Frameworks Guide for help deciding with one is best for your champion. Certain Frameworks can be clicked on for a more in-depth look.


If you’re crafting a hero with super strength, then this is the one you want. Might specialties include slow heavy attacks, big knockbacks, and locking their opponents down with stuns and roots. If you’re used to MMO terminology, this would be ideal for a “tank” character in Champions Online, the character that takes the brunt of the attack for his friends.


Ice does pretty much what you would expect it to do in Champions Online. It’s all about controlling the situation by freezing enemies at will. You can also create explosive ice structures, so you’ll be able to dish out a good amount of damage as well.



This is another versatile power framework, as an archer can use specialized arrows to do pretty much anything. Among the effects the arrows can achieve are roots, holds, and stuns, so you can dish out damage in a lot of different ways.


The very nature of gadgeteering makes it another extremely versatile framework. You have a wealth of gadgets at your disposable that range from blasters with different effects and destructive orbital cannons to robots you can summon in battle to fight alongside you.


While the Ice framework helps you control the battlefield, Fire helps you spread chaos like, well, fire! With the different Champions Online powers, you can burn everyone down around you or, better yet, from a distance. Fire is about power and a lot of it.

Single Blade

You have the option to wield two swords, but a champion wielding a single blade can deliver precise, concentrated strikes that wound the foe and leave them hurting long after the attack.

Dual Blade


While dual blades may lack the finesse of a single blade, they make up for it with exceptional area of effect damage that will allow you to attack multiple foes at once. You also be good at inflicting damage in critical spots once you acquire the right Champions Online powers.


Telepathy is a fantastic framework for a supporting role, as a telepath excels in healing his allies and incapacitating foes, leaving them open for attack. While telepaths can handle themselves in one-on-one combat, they’re much more useful in the background.


Electricity is a great offensive framework. If you like the idea of standing back and blasting several enemies at once, you’ll do well here. Electric attacks have a chance of arcing from one enemy to the next.


Force is a very versatile framework and can suit any role. You’ll be able to shield yourself and your allies with force fields, trap your enemies in largely the same way, or send out powerful blasts of kinetic energy.



Those who choose the Munitions framework likes to let their guns do the talking for them. Once you start down this path, you can specialize in certain weaponry, but you’ll be relying on hardware no matter what.


The other power framework that involves mental powers, telekinesis allows you to physically manifest weapons of solid mental energy. You’re able to manifest blades for close combat or just fire long range bolts of energy to take out foes at a distance.


Sorcery is another framework perfectly suited for a supporting role. Sorcerers are able to summon minions to aid them in combat, as well as heal their allies and create power circles.



Even though you’re fighting for the forces of good, champions who wield the Darkness framework may get worrisome looks from their allies due to their strange connection to other dimensions. These powers enable strong attacks and are able to suck the life from others to give you health.


Like the Darkness framework, these champions summon their energy from unknown sources. Those with Supernatural Champions Online powers can drain health from enemies and command animals to do their bidding.

Unarmed Martial Arts

Martial artists focus on agility and strength to master their craft and their abilities. You’ll have an uncanny ability to avoid attacks and you’ll be able to put down your opponents quickly using only your hands and feet.

Fighting Claws

What would all of the Wolverine fans do without Fighting Claws? With these puppies on your hands and the proper Champions Online powers, you’ll be able to do some major damage from melee attacks.