Force Framework in Champions Online

Force Framework in Champions Online
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Definition of Terms - Champions Online Powers

A number of terms used throughout this article may be confusing to new players of Champions Online. They are defined here in advance for your convenience.

  • Energy Builder - This is basically your auto attack. It deals some damage but it is primarily there to generate energy for your other attacks.
  • Close Attack - A melee range attack.
  • Close Area Attack - Melee range or PBAoE attack.
  • Ranged Attack - An attack made at range.
  • Ranged Area Attack - An area effect attack made from range.
  • Buffs - Enhancements to yourself or allies.
  • Healing - Ability that heals self or others, or resurrects.
  • Crowd Control - Abilities that control, hold, root, or snare your opponent.
  • Summon - An ability that summons a pet to assist you.
  • Block - A block enhancing shield.
  • Tier 0 - An ability you can take without taking any other powers in the set.
  • Tier 1 - You must have 1 other power from that set, or 2 from any other set before taking the power.
  • Tier 2 - You must have 3 other powers from that set, or 5 from any other set before taking the power.
  • Tier 3 - You must have 5 other power from that set, or 8 from any other set before taking the power.

Energy Builder

Force Bolts - Standard ranged energy builder. Initial attack has a chance to knockback. It has a popular advantage option called Energy Refraction that adds a chance to apply a protective force field to the user.

Ranged Attack


Force Blast (Tier 0) - Single target crushing damage with a 20% chance for knockback. Charge increases damage, energy cost, and chance for knockback.

  • 120-397 crushing damage.
  • 10-23 energy.
  • 1.33 sec charge.
  • 0.5 sec activation.
  • 100 foot range.

Force Cascade (Tier 3) - Deals crushing damage to targets in line with primary target. Has knockback effect. Energy cost is reduced if you have an active Energy Form, but it consumes the energy form. Charge increases damage, knockback distance, and energy cost. There is an advantage that can be added to this power that also applies a hold to all affected targets.

  • 300-791 crushing damage.
  • 94-306 energy.
  • 2.33 sec charge.
  • 0.67 sec activation.
  • 100 foot range. 5 foot cylinder.

Close Area Attack

force eruption

Force Eruption (Tier 1) - Deals crushing damage to nearby enemies. Can be used while held. Charge increases damage and adds a significant knockback. There is an advantage that also creates a damage buff zone in the area where Force Explosion is used.

  • 61-291 damage.
  • 5.6-27 energy.
  • 1 sec charge.
  • 0.67 activation.
  • 10 foot sphere.

Crowd Control

Containment Field (Tier 2) - Applies hold to target. Strength of hold depends on charge. While held, target is enclosed in a force field that prevents damage. This must be used strategically as the held enemies are basically invulnerable until the effect expires.

  • 25 energy.
  • 0-2 hold for 12 seconds.
  • 2 sec charge (0.5 sec minimum).
  • 0.67 sec activation.
  • 50 foot range.
  • 15 sec cooldown.

Buff Targets

Protection Field (Tier 1) - Applies a protective field to an ally. When the ally is attacked, energy is returned to you. The field absorbs damage.

  • 52 energy.
  • 0.83 activation.
  • 50 foot range.
  • Absorbs 1,150 damage (at level 40) for 20 seconds.
  • 15 sec cooldown.


force shield

Force Shield (Tier 1) - A block replacement, enhancing ability. For more information, see Guide to Blocking and Shield Powers in Champions Online Online.

Buff Self

Personal Force Field (Tier 1) - Defensive passive ability that acts like an ablative shield. This power is described in detail in the Guide to Defensive Passives in Champions Online (Part 3).

Field Surge (Tier 2) - This power repairs damage to the PFF and increases its damage absorption for a short time. It can be used while held and counts as an Energy Form.

  • 33 energy.
  • 15 sec duration.
  • 1 min 29 sec cooldown.
  • 3,383 health to PFF (at level 40).
  • Absorbs 2,942 damage (at level 40) for 15 sec.

Ranged Area Attack

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Force Detonation (Tier 3) - Deals significant crushing damage to target and all enemies nearby. Also delivers a significant knockback effect.

  • 427 crushing damage.
  • 92 energy.
  • 1 sec activation.
  • Knocks back 44 feet.
  • 50 foot range, 10 foot sphere.
  • 20 sec cooldown.