Ice Framework in Champions Online

Ice Framework in Champions Online
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Definition of Terms - Champions Online Powers

A number of terms used throughout this article may be confusing to new players of Champions Online. They are defined here in advance for your convenience.

  • Energy Builder - This is basically your auto attack. It deals some damage but it is primarily there to generate energy for your other attacks.
  • Close Attack - A melee range attack.
  • Close Area Attack - Melee range or PBAoE attack.
  • Ranged Attack - An attack made at range.
  • Ranged Area Attack - An area effect attack made from range.
  • Buffs - Enhancements to yourself or allies.
  • Healing - Ability that heals self or others, or resurrects.
  • Crowd Control - Abilities that control, hold, root, or snare your opponent.
  • Summon - An ability that summons a pet to assist you.
  • Block - A block enhancing shield.
  • Tier 0 - An ability you can take without taking any other powers in the set.
  • Tier 1 - You must have 1 other power from that set, or 2 from any other set before taking the power.
  • Tier 2 - You must have 3 other powers from that set, or 5 from any other set before taking the power.
  • Tier 3 - You must have 5 other power from that set, or 8 from any other set before taking the power.

Ice - Energy Builder

Ice Shards (Tier 0) - This is a standard ranged energy builder. On its initial attack it has a chance to apply the Chill debuff, which lowers the movement rate of the target. There are other Ice powers that are enhanced when the target is affected by the Chill debuff as well. This creates a synergy between various powers within the ice framework.

Ice - Ranged Attack


Ice Blast (Tier 0) - Single target cold damage. 10% chance to apply Chill. Charge increases damage and energy cost.

  • 79-425 cold damage.
  • 15-51 energy.
  • 1.5 sec charge.
  • 0.5 sec activation.
  • 100 foot range.

Ice Burst (Tier 2) - Creates a destructible ice burst beneath the target. The target and nearby foes are knocked back. If the ice burst is not destroyed, it will eventually explode dealing cold damage to all nearby foes.

  • 214 cold damage.
  • 79 energy.
  • 0.83 activation.
  • 50 foot range. 25 foot sphere.
  • 30 sec cooldown.

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Ice - Close Area Attack

Frost Breath (Tier 1) - Creates a cone AoE that deals cold damage to all targets within the cone. Damage increases the longer the breath is maintained. 25% chance to apply Chill to targets.

  • 51-173 cold damage.
  • 29 energy initially, 29 energy per 0.5 sec.
  • 0.83 sec activation.
  • 50 foot range, 45 degree cone.

Shatter (Tier 1) - Fan of ice shards that creates a cone damage area effect. Causes increased damage to any foes affected by Chill. Deals increased damage if user is affected by Cold Snap. Causes any ice objects in the area of effect to explode, dealing cold damage to nearby foes. Returns energy for each target affected by Chill. Expires the Chill effect on targets.

  • 133 cold damage.
  • 47 energy.
  • 0.83 sec activation.
  • 50 foot range, 90 degree cone. (Affects 3 targets max).

Ice - Ranged Area Attack

wall of ice

Wall of Ice (Tier 1) - Creates a wall of ice in front of you. Any target that touches the wall of ice becomes held in an Ice Cage. Shortly after creation, the wall will explode dealing cold damage to all nearby foes.

  • 37 energy.
  • 100 foot range.
  • 15 sec cooldown.

Snow Storm (Tier 2) - Deals continual cold damage to targets in the affected area. The duration of the storm increases the longer it is maintained, making it possible for the storm to persist even after the maintain ends. 15% chance to apply Chill to affected targets.

  • 240 cold damage over 2 sec.
  • 37 energy initially, 8.5 energy per 1 sec.
  • 0.83 sec activation.
  • 50 foot range, 15 foot sphere.

Ice - Crowd Control

Ice Cage (Tier 1) - Target cannot move while encased in the ice cage, but it can attempt to break free. Allies can help by attacking the ice cage. The cage is immune to cold damage. Has a chance to apply Chill to the affected target. The ice cage will explode when it expires, dealing cold damage to the target and other nearby enemies.

  • 47 energy.
  • 0.83 sec activation.
  • 2 root for 3 sec.
  • 50 foot range.

Ice - Block

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Ice Shield (Tier 1) - A block replacement, enhancing ability. This is one of the cooler looking block replacement shields. It has a chance to apply Chill to all attackers, which combines very well with certain Ice powers. For more information, see Guide to Blocking and Shield Powers in Champions Online Online.

Ice - Energy Form Buffs

Ice Sheath (Tier 1) - Increases damage of all elemental attacks. Can be used while held or paralyzes. Helps to break out of holds. Has a chance to apply Chill to all enemies that attack you while this buff is active. Places the Cold Snap buff on you which increases the power of Shatter and Ice Barrier. Counts as an Energy Form.

  • +42% all damage strength for 12 sec.
  • 0.17 critical hit severity for 12 sec.
  • Applies Cold Snap to self.
  • Deals 1,765 Break Free damage to effects.
  • When receiving damage, applies Chill to attacker for 15 sec.
  • 1 min 29 sec cooldown.

Ice Form (Tier 2) - Slotted passive that can be used in Offensive (Avenger) or Balanced (Guardian) modes. Increases all elemental damage - this increase scales with your endurance stat. Increases resistance to all elemental damage, especially ice/cold damage. The resistance scales with your dexterity stat. Generates a small amount of energy when struck with cold attacks. Chance to apply Chill to enemies who attack you while using this form. Landing a critical hit while Ice Form is active will grant the Cold Snap buff. Cold Snap enhances Shatter and Ice Barrier. Counts as an Energy Form.

  • +19% all damage strength.
  • +4.3% all energy damage resistance.
  • +17% cold damage resistance.


Ice - Other Buffs

Ice Barrier (Tier 2) - Energy cost is equal to your equilibrium. This power creates several ice barriers on yourself. For each ice barrier remaining, you have increased damage as well as knockback and knock-up resistance. The protection offered is doubled while under the effects of Cold Snap.

  • 65 energy.
  • 0.83 sec activation.
  • 1 min 58 sec cooldown.
  • 32 sec duration.

Vapor Form (Tier 3) - Transforms you into a cloud of mist. This grants the ability of flight and makes you immune to all forms of physical, paranormal, cold, toxic, and particle damage. Additional ranks increase the duration of the vapor form.

  • 4 min 55 sec cooldown.