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Champions Online The Mind guide
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Telekinetic Rampage

So you like imitating psychic heroes and utilizing that small lump of muscle in your skull to manipulate, devastate and decimate? Well, if you’re a fan of Akira or you enjoyed the telekinetic powers exhibited by Neo in The Matrix films and games, then you’ll also probably enjoy playing as the mind melting, head throbbing archetype in Champions Online, known as The Mind. This Champions Online The Mind guide will walk you through the archetype’s abilities, powers and proficiencies.

The Role Of The Mind

Heroes on standby

The main role of The Mind is that of a support healer. Yes, despite the psychic connotations and constant references to telekinetic abilities, The Mind archetype is actually closer to the role of a traditional Healer. That’s right, in addition to utilizing a few crowd control mechanics and a few projectile attacks, the real proficiency of The Mind falls in line with team heals and keeping the party alive.

The two main super stats of The Mind are Presence and Endurance. Take note, though, that super stats can vary in their actual role depending on the archetype or the main powers attached to a hero. In some cases non-critical super stats can still provide critical hit bonuses to attacks and abilities. As mentioned with the other beginner guides, if you want your character archetype to turn out a specific way with stats and abilities, just remember to boost up the appropriate stats that fit your playstyle.

Research And Development

A little R&D

When it comes to Research and Development, the best option for The Mind would either be science or mysticism. Depending on how you look at it, science and mysticism are primarily the only real R&D skills worth leveling for most of any archetype. The added bonus of mysticism or science is that both have some nifty shield and offensive attributes that can help out in bind, either when playing solo or in a group.

The Mind Skill List

Level 1 - PSI Lash: A standard energy building attack used to replenish resources. Additional ranks will increase the ego damage output.

Tapping into the mind

Level 1 - Ego Blast: There are a number of alternatives in which to upgrade this ability. Mind Opener allows for more damage while affected by Telepathic Reverberation. Rude Awakening allows for additional damage dealt while a target is sleeping.

Level 6 - Ego Sprites: A DOT that peppers opponents with ego damage every second. An additional advantage is Slave Mentality, where all the sprites that did full damage will return to the caster and restore the amount of life that they dealt to the target.

Level 8 – Aura of Radiant Protection: A slotted passive that can help resist damage for the caster and for nearby allies. Additional ranks increase the percentage of damage resistance for up to 19% of damage.

Level 11 – Psionic Healing: A single-target heal skill that heals the caster or a selected target between 72-1066 HP. An additional advantage, Psionic Emanation is available which has a chance to cast an AOE heal.

Exercising some telekinetic abilities

Level 11 – Empathetic Healing: An additional healing ability that has an advantage skill that enables the caster to absorb some of the damage from a healed teammate and then dissipate that damage into attacks against enemies for a short while. Players will have to choose between this skill and Psionic Healing at level 11.

Level 14 – Telekinetic Shield: A physical damage reduction shield that can boast up to 410% damage reduction from physical attacks and up to 360% damage reduction from non-physical attacks at rank 3.

Level 17 – Ego Sleep: An extremely useful crowd control tactic that puts a single target to sleep. If they receive damage of any kind they will be awakened. Additional ranks increase the time a target stays asleep, with up to 17 seconds of sleep being applicable. A target who awakens from sleep is disoriented and deals slightly less damage. An additional advantage can be applied as well called Nailed to the Ground just like the skill with the Behemoth archetype, which prevents the target from using travel powers for a short time.

Level 22 – Telepathic Reverberation: Scales with superstat, Presence. Adds energy to every target healed, put to sleep or disoriented by telepathic attacks.

Level 27 – Ego Hold: A paralysis skill that paralyzes a target for up to 17 seconds at rank 3. Targets can struggle to break free. Any damage they take will also reduce the time they are paralyzed.

Level 32 – Ego Storm: A paralysis and DOT combined. For as long as players maintain Ego Storm nearby targets will be held and maintain direct ego damage. An additional advantage called Malevolent Manifestation is also available that will make Ego Storm its own entity and damage targets independently.

One evil psychic

Level 32 – Summon Nightmare: An alternative to Ego Storm, Summon Nightmare allows players to summon up to two NPC horrors of varying devastation. The summons at rank 2 include an Etherhound when tapped or a Stalking Horror when held. At rank 3 players can summon a Stalking Horror when tapped or a Maelstorm Horror when held. An additional advantage called Night Terror enables the summons to stay for the entire fight instead of disappearing at a given time.

Level 40 – Mindful Reinforcement: A scaled ability that enables players to place a protective shield around a selected target, which absorbs damage. If the shield wears off before taking too much damage, the shield will disperse and heal the designated target for whatever points are left on the shield that did not absorb damage.

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